How "happy" person by e-mail?

How "happy" person by e-mail? We have all read "Bad advice"? I hope so. Otherwise, you probably should not start reading this material.

1. Your recipient will be delighted to, if you are to your e-mail letter, attach 10-15 images in a format BMP. Do not listen to those who seek something shyly tell me about any where JPEG or PNG - it formats Ddlokhov!

2. If you doubt the correctness of his letter (from the standpoint of the Russian language), then write it in MS Word. Then save the file and send it by mail. It can not be used archivers such as RAR or ZIP! This is a bad sign!

3. Delight your recipient, writing a letter to some exotic encoding. For example, Arab. It will be great fun to decipher your message. But in the end - and the letter was read, and the man lifted the mood.

4. Izleyte to the recipient all its joy, wrote all four letters These were the LETTERS. And make sure he knows, as you cheerfully, add at the end of each line more exclamation points !!!!!!!! People love it !!!!! It's a positive in pure !!!!!!!!!!

5. If you have somewhere to be late and you have no time, and the letter I must write, if only you smash, try to save time - write without spaces or punctuation. At the end of a long run, the recipient with nothing to do, he can afford to spend a couple of hours to read your masterpiece creations.

6. Take care of your destination - after all he can not remember what I wrote to you last time. Plug in your entire email correspondence with him over the past one and a half or two years. Quote companion characters ">" while not necessary - the addressee's not hard to remember where his proposals, but where your.

7. Send your letter to three ... No Four. No! Five times. And then suddenly, four copies are dropped because of solar storms?

8. You told a funny anecdote, and you hurry to retell it to your destination? Excellent! Do not forget to accompany it (anecdote) smiley :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))). Recipient's no fool, he'll understand that you do not have 30 mouths to feed, and you're not a mutant.

9. Be sure to use abbreviations in the subject line. For example: "Vasya! I need $$$$!!!». Surely Vasya guess search your email in spam folder in which your creation will be sent to the robot, discovered the spam line «$$$$».

10. If someone tells you that to send a letter to multiple recipients - a bad tone, then Throw it in stone! Why would you spend money to pay for traffic and send each message individually? We're still in the preceding paragraph to understand that Vasya was no fool - he guessed search your email in your spam folder in which your creation will be sent to the robot, the signs of spam in the form of multiple dispatch.

11. If you want to send a large file - does not warn the recipient of this and not wait for confirmation from him. In the end, who blame him, that he had the whole box was filled some kind of "important" mail?