What is the romance of winter fishing?

Romance and ice fishing? This is how to understand? Frost all dubeet, the collar snowball rolls and still at heart a great, or what? Is difficult to understand those who are used to the warmth and comfort. But I will readily appreciate the fans of winter fishing. And there are many. To begin, let's pointeresuemsya meaning of "romance" and how the word is combined with winter fishing.

In thesauruses Ozhegova read: "Romance - something that contains ideas and feelings, emotionally uplifting person; living conditions, to promote emotional and sublime outlook. "Feelings? Oh, they still had when the angler all week waiting for the output, every evening lays out gear, checking and improving. This fisherman will buy mormyshkas in the store, and made ​​himself. This process has a lot of secrets. Best mormyshkas not only catchability, but called among anglers last name of the inventor! From idea to catchability mormyshkas way in a few winter evenings with the tools and with sweet memories of past fishing.

those who give their leisure ice fishing, are divided into motorized and pedestrian. The first ride on a fishing trip on the car all terrain or snowmobile. As a rule, far from the beaten track in the snow-covered seats are not punched. They are quite enough of any body of water. For the most part it's not real fans of winter fishing, and just lovers warm up in the lap of nature and drink for the company. Here fishing itself means little. These fans - the second.

And with them are very interesting to talk to. They - the master of all trades. That they have everything from mormyshkas-rods and ending with a tent-oven, homemade and quality of the best shops. The main thing for the fans - try to where this winter still has not fished. That is, to find their El Dorado.

Winter fishing requires thorough preparation. First of all, physical. After all, ice screws, tent, stove, with gear box weigh quite decently. And all this must bear a few kilometers on the frost. Of course, gradually comes the desire to facilitate the delivery of the goods in any way. For example, take a couple of broad "hunting" and skis on their base make scraper. Other in such a scraper converted huge backpack, "hemming" under his bottom metal sheet and tying a rope to the strap. Sled turns even that! More inventive connect "train" children's sleigh. The device becomes multifunctional - for transporting goods, seats while fishing, and even as a camp bed, if you have to spend the night in a tent on the ice.

A terrible overnight will only to those who are not ready. Any lover of winter fishing is trying in any way to provide a comfortable environment in a tent on the part of the heating. In the cold is very important not to freeze. Of course, sheepskin coat is in place. But where is it now to take? Therefore, "insulated" who as you can. But put on two sweaters special heat will not give. Especially at night, when the thin tent windy and cold cracking. Help out a wood stove. There just has not seen her designs! But the most successful (in my opinion) is made of a small pan.

Firewood - any which only exist on a fishing trip. Sushnyak probably will not find. So do not be amiss bottle lighter fluid. On top of the stove is covered thin metal cap, which is inserted into the opening track and tin pipe fumes. Half an hour cap is heated so that you can prepare her food and warm tea. Is not it romantic? Per tent - fierce cold, but inside - almost summer! This is stored for a long time! In gluhozime nibble unimportant. But there is a fish, which in extreme cold starts zhor. It's about Rotan. The largest it in tight spaces.

Rotan - very tasty fish, dear fishermen, but it requires patience hell. The peculiarity is that the rotan populated ponds where the water "knee." Basically this small swamps. In winter, their heavily buried in snow. Find a swamp becomes not an easy task. But if you find, the "gift" can be a lot of small Rota. And only where rotan ate all the other fish and moved on kannibalstvo (by eating smaller his brother) caught specimens in the 300-400 and even more grams.

So trophy already want and praise. But in search of swamps with cherished the king-fish can "return" leg up calluses and get so much emotion that romance enough time. Overcome all the difficulties to find and "extract" the desired - this can be compared, perhaps, only by taking the mountain tops. What is not a holiday for the soul?