What mushrooms are dangerous to life? Part 3

What mushrooms are dangerous to life? Part 3 Мы уже ознакомились с большей частью распространенных и редких ядовитых грибов . In this publication we will talk about edible mushrooms that can, under certain conditions to be no less virulent than mushroom blushing or pale toadstool. So what are the edible mushrooms suddenly become wild "werewolves"?

This, above all, 1,111,118. dung beetles (Coprinus) [/b] white, gray and other species. They can have a boiled or fried forms, but can not be used together with alcohol. The fact that dung beetles contain a toxin, not soluble in water in their preparation, and under normal circumstances is not absorbed in the intestine.

However, this toxin is readily soluble in alcohol and drinks, even with its relatively low content of rapidly absorbed into the blood and after an hour causes the characteristic symptoms of poisoning, continued for several hours. The victim quickens the pulse, it feels hot, strong thirst. Person, and often other parts of the body are purple-red, comes indigestion, vomiting ... But, incidentally, that of Coprinus in the old days did the ink (for the Kings!), And modern doctors know how to help these fungi to treat alcoholics.

Russian proverb hints: "At dawn, dewy - mushroom strong, sweet, and on a hot day - like a rotten stump. She spoke about the high rate of growth and decay fungi. Therefore, collect, and transport, and recycle them must be at a higher tempo, with enthusiasm.

Heavy poisoning can cause, and eating a well-known edible mushrooms, if they are collected overgrown, maggoty, flabby, age-old, mold, have already begun to decompose or deteriorate during transportation and storage. In such cases, in their tissues generate toxic decomposition products of proteins, such as those present in spoiled fish or meat products.

Very dangerous poisoning caused by canned mushrooms in cans with lids rolled, cooked at home often without the necessary hygiene and sterilization regime.

In hermetically rolled banks develop anaerobic bacteria forming toxins in negligible concentrations causing poisoning. For example, klostridium (Clostridium botulinum), a toxin that causes a severe poisoning - botulism. These bacteria form highly resistant to heat treatment of spores, which are anaerobically transformed into a viable form, multiply and produce toxins. They often develop as a meat and vegetable home cooking, bad their sterilization.

Very often these problems in canning capping method of fried mushrooms. But it is possible, for example, cook mushrooms in pork lard, shift in glass jars and pour the same grease. In the hermetically sealed jars such fungi do not lose their flavor for up to two years.

Many of the dried mushrooms are very hygroscopic: absorb moisture, the smell of herring, spices, detergent powder. In this sense, especially different mushrooms. Therefore, they and other dried mushrooms should be stored separately from all odorous products. Can be dried in the collection of files and moth larvae, capable of destroying any of your stocks for the winter.

Never eat raw mushrooms? Fresh mushrooms cooked in no case be a long time in the open: they appear dangerous substances. Some fungal proteins are broken down just under the influence of time, and while they accumulate the poison.

Mushroom should not collect edible mushrooms, touched by mice and other rodents, birds and animals. Fungi corrupted, if they have traces of chewing and sklevyvany, and along with mushrooms - litter. Sometimes rodents "rasp" mushrooms and leave for the time being "a bunch" - it is they are harvesting mushrooms in the winter. Such dangerous fruit mushroom must sidestep: "Not yours - do not touch!".

Edible mushrooms may be poisonous if grown in a human places: in landfills, along highways, near the railways and airports, where fuel is discharged, a chemical plant, waste water from various poisonous liquid and so on.

It is dangerous to buy mushrooms at the market, to market, especially rolled up in banks under the cover. I have witnessed such an occasion. One of the collectors of all mushrooms harvested indiscriminately. While others could hardly scored a basket or two, he pulled the car to three full business bag. And when this nonchalant builder to make the remark, he replied that "collects not for eating, but for sale, and broth all the worms die, nothing terrible will happen." So there!

Doctors do not advise there are mushrooms to those who have hurt the liver, kidney, stomach. Do not consume the forest khalyavnykh tasty as one might wish otherwise. In the consumption of mushrooms should know when to stop. For excesses in pleasant affairs people paying health.

  Well, the main conclusion of our reflections. Any edible mushrooms may yield human evil, if not follow the rules of their collection, transportation, processing and storage. "While the snake's tail does not occur, it will not bite" - said in the old days. No need to "tease snakes, play with mortal danger - with poisonous and edible mushrooms, capable of becoming toxic. That is the surest antidote to sudden disasters associated with forest gifts.