How to protect yourself in the winter fishing?

How to protect yourself in the winter fishing? [i] When winter began to speak about fishing, then immediately begin to frighten a beginner ("frighten!) Terrible weather conditions: cold and something happens over forty, much as the trunks of trees burst and the ice is cracking! And a sudden blizzard way back zametut and sudden snowfall can "bury" and the fisherman, and his tent. And anyway, you can easily run into a bear-rod, the gray wolf, falling into a hole, or wormwood, go to the drift ice detached ... 1,111,113.

 Sunburned toughs while slyly glancing at his pale face and wide-eyed audience, a restrained laugh. And with admirable tenacity every weekend and again go on this fishing, complete "horror".

Indeed, real and its special dangers in the winter fishing there, drop them off does not. But the easiest hazards can be overcome, and go fishing with these very mockers - with experienced anglers. And if we advance carefully examine rules of conduct for anglers on the ice and prepare the equipment, tackle, what to fear - "the ice go real men, a coward will not ever!"

So, sets forth the rules by which the novice angler winter certainly protect themselves from possible trouble.

  First. Never go on inexperienced ice alone, but rather two or three. The optimal distance between fishermen when driving on ice should be about 2-3 meters. It's good to have in the hands of a crow-bar, or even better zherdinku or even two. If suddenly fails, it means at hand (ice chisel, zherdinki raised across the crack) does not allow you to go into the water with his head. Incidentally, during the war, our communicators and scouts is using zherdinok calmly crossed the winter-spring water obstacles - ice, cracked by the explosions, or at the time of beginning ice, sudden flood ...

Remember the Russian peasants in the icy season necessarily girdle belt, otherwise verviem or sash. These important parts of winter clothing may on occasion to save the life of fisherman, because in an open field (on the ice far from shore) is nothing to submit to the hands of a lame duck's failed, but there are always with you - "safety belt". And mittens are always reliable glove fishing.

  Second. If you still feel under your feet the ice begins to crack, what to do? Above all, keep perfectly calm! Self-control helps to quickly and objectively assess the situation, choose the right, the only true solution to the problem. Crack deflection and ice does not imply that you have failed. Gently and quickly spread-eagled on the ice, this way you will fundamentally reduce the pressure on your own "water glass". And immediately starts to crawl to safety.

  And the third. The hardest thing in the outfit of the winter fishing - it was he himself, his backpack, ice chisel (or brace). The backpack should be worn on one shoulder strap, and if he hangs on his right shoulder, the right hand of loads should be free. And if, God forbid, you started to go under the ice, you need to reset the backpack away from him, and even ice chisel may come in handy. Can be useful and the strap of a backpack, so discard it yourself, too, need, as they say, intelligently.

  The fourth paragraph of salvation If you are already in the water, then get out with only hand is incredibly difficult. Rather, its weight, you're breaking the ice edge and position your in icy water only grow worse. More correct would be the following: holding on to the edge, we must first carefully pull out on the ice with one leg, then another, and as cautiously, slowly crawl away to safety.

We will assume that you are saved! But in fact, have to learn to feel the danger in the reservoir. Scours occur, usually at the solar bank, in small places - in midstream, make the hole in the vicinity of villages, and springs are living under the high banks. If the ice is thinner than 5.7 cm, then go at him early. In the spring, if between snow cover and ice appeared interlayer water, then this cover is also fraught with danger.

About the most significant we've talked ... Moose with bears and wolves, you are unlikely to meet, and in crowded places and anglers are not shown. As a general rule. Well, the fox suddenly overexposed eyes brighten a landscape or a rabbit will make you wake up from a very thoughtful ideas and drowsiness during prolonged bezklevya. Crow there ... stole your ershonka or cat-bandit rested the entire frostbitten catch. So it is - entertainment ... terrible frosts and snowfalls, such as at the time of Baron Munchausen, in central Russia have not had, and the weather can advance "to calculate" expected and barometer.

 Must equip warm, safe, "several layers", to protect his feet from getting wet and too close and bulky shoes. In the main outfit - to save heat, mobility and opportunity in every moment of this outfit completely free ... in a backpack is advisable to always have spare socks and a thermos with a warming drink (no alcohol!), And in my head - some good thoughts about that " So in the summer, you will surely be a good bite! "