What is "The game with the sky? Flying was not a dream, but ... in weightlessness

What is "The game with the sky? Flying was not a dream, but ... in weightlessness An American tourist who had been in space on the Russian space station, boasts to his friends that he managed to learn something in Russian.
- And what is it? - Asked by his friends.
- Do not touch it, you moron, there is nothing with your hands! - He answers.
  (Bearded anecdote)

Sergei Korolev, joked that one day will fly into space on the trade-union tour. Zhadnovaty our trade unions, but at their own expense to spend an astronaut can anyone. And it should be a pleasure cheap - only 3000 bucks for a half hour space. Given that outer space have visited a total of about 400 people worldwide, and in a state of weightlessness, about four thousand, then the money is really low for the happiness to see the sky and the game is on the «Vomit Comet» (vomit comet). So jokingly referred to a special aircraft for training in conditions of weightlessness U.S. astronauts.

The first parabolic flight training agency NASA began in 1959. Now the only plane on which NASA trains astronauts, is a Boeing 727-200F. In the European Union Agency ESA on arms adopted Airbus A-300. In the USSR such aircraft were developed 45 years ago in a Tupolev. It is on this IL-16 and trained in weightlessness Yuri Gagarin. Today, Russian astronauts conduct parabolic flights on machines company Atlas Airspace.

 What is "The game with the sky? Flying was not a dream, but ... in weightlessness Boeing ready to fly
 What is it and what does it do? Did the earth is impossible to create an apparatus for achieving the state of weightlessness? That fact of the matter is that well, quite impossible. But the astronauts, the astronauts must not only see the cosmos game is, but to work and perform complex tasks in a state of overload and weightlessness. And such a state is reached only when a parabolic flight aircraft. To understand me and the child can do without the curve Kepler and parabolas vysokoumnyh.

You know, when the debriefing is not possible? But when the pilot hands bound behind their backs. Here I am with their hands tied explain simple bread language: the plane flies in a horizontal mode of climb at an angle of 35 degrees, and then falls down in polugorizontalnom mode. So at this point is reached at 30 seconds of weightlessness. Total for flying machine with a 15 parabolas. Multiply 30 seconds at 15 parabolas. We get four and a half minutes of weightlessness. And so it is a tourist 3000 bucks.

 What is "The game with the sky? Flying was not a dream, but ... in weightlessness 15 And now these parabolas performs Boeing Now let's imagine that we have 3,000 bucks and a desire to ride eh. Go to the website of tourism space, we find turpoletov schedule and reserve the date and place. Weighing pay weightlessness. Arrive in Florida on the test airfield NASA. Accommodated at a hotel airport. Total group should be 35 people. (If the aircraft will be on that day and hour of half-empty or half-full, depending on the degree of your optimism, a flight is canceled, what to tell you ahead of time and money returned in full). In the morning you are driven into the hangar and begin coaching. Tourists should see three video and then go through a thorough test.

Those who failed the test, the flight excluded. But since this test pass, even children, then we miss out on the side. By the way, the children. For each child under 8 years must be one adult passenger. Children from 8 to 15 years can insure one adult passenger for two, a child older than 15 years had to fly alone. After passing the test you put into the hands of a plastic bracelet, without which no one on board did not proshmygnet. Then you bring in another hangar, where you are looking for a flight suit, which remains for you to remember.

Come on board the Boeing. The machine consists of two compartments. First, where you sit as in a normal plane and the second, actually, for which the money and Ploce - flying zone. It is a hollow corridor extending 70 feet, walls and floors which are covered with soft material composition. A group of 5 people hold one coach. When the machine dials the ceiling of 24-34 thousand feet, at the command pilot of the passengers transferred to the flying zone.

Oh, have to fly? A bit of patience, pliz. Crew and passengers with coaches laid on the floor corridor on the back. Now you rashochetsya fly. Now the load will rise to 1.8 G and you will not ride up eh. You will not be able to tear off any hands or legs from the floor, because your weight is almost double than that on earth. And then comes something that can neither be described in words, nor pass a simple moo.

 What is "The game with the sky? Flying was not a dream, but ... in weightlessness Stephen Hawking in zero gravity as a fish in water
 First moo will be feeling the Martian gravity - your body will feel better in three-fold. You can jump up and down for a long time to hover down, you can perform a slow somersault in the air through the hoop. Many of which can otchebuchit. Next parabola will be executed in the mode of the lunar gravity - your body will feel better in 6 times. Here already otchebuchivayte to its fullest. A third parabola - zero gravity. You - bodiless cherubim, seraphim and other imponderable nature. Here begins just a puppy dog enthusiasm of passengers. Such lucky Boeing 727-200F already ah ride over 4000.

 What is "The game with the sky? Flying was not a dream, but ... in weightlessness Six cameras and a professional photographer on board remove your enthusiasm for eternity. Then why is "vomiting comet? Not one, but some are swayed and nausea. Therefore, feed you to the hotel spetsdietoy, excluding dairy products, and weaklings give drug drammamin. As I have said, all the moments of truth for the flight 15. The owners of the company, among which astronaut Alan Shefard, says that even the most seasick yet not once during those years did not refuse from any of the parabola due to sickness - dumb bad! Assertive take along your cameras and camera, but no one used them - just forget about them at the time of puppy joy!

 What is "The game with the sky? Flying was not a dream, but ... in weightlessness
 Flew a? Good - a little. Return to base. But other people - we were in paradise and now know what being an angel. On the basis will be another surprise - a banquet with the perfect champagne, our videos, photos and diplomas in the frame with a photo of the puppy piquant expressions of delight on his face. And now tell me, it's not worth three thousand of these unfortunates?