Why are Russian women like to relax in Egypt?

Why are Russian women like to relax in Egypt? One of my acquaintance, who had long lived in our town, and not in our country, collecting jokes about the spy. Best of all she was able to tell an anecdote about how the Soviet Army Day Stirlitz eating semolina hands.
- Do you think he ate her hands to feel like a Russian? - She asked. - No! He just wanted to feel ...

- How do you think, why are resting so many Russian women?
- The question with an obvious answer - a friend put the book down and slowly turned over, exposing the Egyptian sun, his pale Ural tum. - This is the most stupid question of all those that I have heard. Look around - the sun every day! Food, water, beer and the sea in unlimited quantities. Men walk packets, they are only heard "Beauty, love, habibi ..." And what else should a Russian woman? .. - Then she fell silent, apparently, wanted to find expression accurately.
- To meet old age? - I hurried.
- Leave me alone, do not want to think about anything ...

Indeed, as one might think, when a number of blue-turquoise sea, inhabited by inquisitive fish and cute animal. In March, already swim, but the adaptation period was long, and we got the role of passive observers. That group restrained Japanese in bright orange vests minces for swimming instructor. Everyone has a bright yellow mattress. Organized the Germans are doing everything according to plan, without unnecessary movements. Yesterday we went to Paradise Island, and I saw how confident they swam to the coral - in neat rows, at the same distance. At some point even thought that they, too, rowing synchronously. Terrified, the Japanese were not allowed out of the hands, inflatable mattresses and constantly looking around the boat.

This gaggle of Russian women always appear unexpectedly. Just specify that for all foreigners from Russia - Russian, just incidentally, as it is for us all who are from Denmark - the Danes, from Germany - the Germans, and so on through the list. So. When these ladies for the first time appeared on the deck, I thought - surely sew swimsuits such proportions? I remember last summer I was looking for the Chinese market size of number 60. Gabby seller patted me on the back (presumably to verify the correctness of his answer), and blurted: "Sfiniti, not things, such zensin we do not have ...". These women have no doubt that they are. We traveled all the graceful, not at all embarrassed by his physique, and looked condescendingly on undersized Japanese. Recent developments have sought to capture all its oversized camera. I must say that sailed beauty is not worse than the Germans.

  On the evening animation lady came too late. Even beer and loaded the Germans, Dutch still could not drink a glass of wine, but on the stage Egyptian whirling in the endless "dance with skirts." Have you ever been present at the appearance of the ensemble, ready to perform Russian folk songs? Remember all the "zauhivaniya and footwork? Everything was just so.

At the center aisle, dancing, rushed to the scene of an avalanche, consisting of beautiful female bodies. They sang songs, and did not seek to impose its surrounding gaiety. At first, they genuinely surprised by the demand of animators to leave the scene, but if necessary, it should be. The Group was placed in front of the audience and unobtrusively continued his "speech". The audience's attention shifted to what the Egyptian dancer was ready. He in turn invited the girls, pretty girls to help spin the skirt.

Newly actress did not immediately cope with the role. They then fell awkwardly to the floor, and then the whole audience gasped in anticipation of the denouement. That began to sing quite incomprehensible to foreigners songs. But in the end, everything will work out and the final dance scene has performed all comers under the really loud applause.

Midnight, when we went into his body, cheerful company traveled to the hotel on a small steam engine and in harmony singing cartoon song:

                     "... To live without incident, we must not,
                          Hey, let her go-ka, the engineer.

It will take only a few days, and these cute creation will be in Koltsovo, Pulkovo Airport or. At the airport, they meet the wet snow and relentless wind. They pulled joyless coats (coats, down jackets), his shoulders and hide ecstatic expression on his face, because in our country's constant smile on his face arouses the desire to surround a diagnosis. Their beautiful hands will not be abandoned for the proud head thrown back, but weighed down by shopping bags, packages, hang along the body.

They will return there, where there will be delighted (on the sly - the wife and children after next) the views of the Dutch, Germans, Britons and other Europeans. And they will be sad, because in order to for a while to attract the attention of loved ones, they should at least stop the galloping horse, or enter a burning house.