Who is Ultras? Part 1

Who is Ultras? Part 1 The contest in any sport - it is always a spectacle, if anything, a theatrical performance. On stage in the glow of floodlights - athletes. Their lives between performances - a solid rehearsal under the constant supervision of the director, after a grueling workout - this is the only path to virtuoso roles on stage, road to the top of . And the better the player stands, the greater the fans and loyal fans: the love the audience - it is an indispensable and very important attribute of every professional athlete or team.

No broadcast sports can not do without the camera operator did not stop at the podium with the fans, pulling faces, emotions and feelings. But the main thing - the eyes that always talk about the course of competition better than any commentator. And it can be as focused and attentive attitudes of people sitting quietly in their places, and burning eyes of rabid ultras, never go on a stadium "duck" and support their favorite act. Here you can talk about a somewhat unexpected, but certainly having a separation of fans for professionals and amateurs.

 Ультрас – это организованные фанаты определённого спортивного клуба, чаще всего футбольного. И если рассматривать степень активности поддержки любимцев, то особняком стоят, что не удивительно, именно футбольные болельщики . They are quite special. In this article I want to tell you about the people for whom the "support" their favorite team - the second life, moreover, quite clear which one lives for the fans is more important: gray daily or the brightest and eventful life of the ultras.

Agree that today football matches is very difficult to imagine without the fans and the views that they arrange in the stands. Moreover, in order to verify this is not necessarily located at the stadium. Pyrotechnics and Fire, compositions of colored leaflets, songs and chants, banners and flags. For those already for the Russian Premier League is quite commonplace notions, or the English style "performances" are groups of professional fans: superbly organized, cohesive team, with its hierarchy, financing and even the creative department.

 Who is Ultras? Part 1 Футбольные матчи сегодня трудно представить без болельщиков! Движение ультрас – это настоящая субкультура. В начале 60-х годов двадцатого века фанаты итальянского клуба «Милан» задумались об организованной поддержке своей любимой команды. В 1966 году они создали первую в истории ультрас группировку «Commandos Tigre». Конечно, за сорок с небольшим лет культура поведения организованных болельщиков сильно видоизменилась и не во всём в лучшую сторону, но смысл остался тем же, что и в середине прошлого века: любым способом поддержать милую сердцу команду . Movement Ultras very common in Europe and South America. And in Russia appeared relatively recently, but the international experience has developed very quickly and successfully.

Grouping of professional fans today - is a complex geared mechanism, which is not limited to 11,111,118. "Sick" at the stadiums [/url] . Members of fan organizations are also involved in the promotion of information favorite club: create Web sites and issue their own newspapers - newsletters, or in another fanziny (English fan magazine).

 Ultras sell and distribute tickets to the stadium among its members so that all active supporters were able to get to the game and there to support their team. United fans, as a rule, various souvenir memorabilia of the club, actively promotes its movement and the involvement of an increasing number of fans for the team. In Europe, often contain ultra sports bars in Britain - is pubs.

It seems a logical question, at what resources professional fans organize their activities, is not it? And there are organizations ultras on the contributions of participants and material assistance to the wealthy and influential supporters. Sometimes even the players sponsor ultras: as an example, when players Spartak Moscow, Yegor Titov and Dmitry Alenichev several times helped the ultras supporting red-white club, a certain amount.

In Russia, until this far, but in Europe the most influential groups are in direct contact with the leadership of the clubs can even affect certain decisions and policies of the club. Of course, mostly to the influence of ultra lies in areas directly related to the fans and what is happening at the stadium, and the player at the request of fans, of course, no one will buy. The ideal situation for the ultras, when the club gives fans the opportunity to earn: the same tickets and attributes. Less leadership clubs provides ultra grant financial assistance.

Be ultras - it is literally a life style. Not to be a football fan to be ultra. But not every man who cares football, is the ultras.