Who is Ultras? Part 2

Who is Ultras? Part 2 One of the most important functions of professional groups of fans - the ultras, which I described in первой части статьи, это, безусловно, поддержка команды на стадионе во время матча. В национальных первенствах по футболу игровые туры обычно проходят каждые выходные. Поэтому для того, чтобы достойно поболеть за любимую команду и не проиграть дуэль болельщикам противника, у фанатов, как правило, есть всего неделя подготовки между матчами чемпионата .

Ultras create and learn new songs and chants, drawing posters and banners, preparing their submission, and finally the day of the match. For most people, and themselves [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/archive/0/n-11278/] 11,111,137 players. The game consists of two halves. For all the ultras is somewhat more complicated. If you decide before the match the fans warm up the liquor, then this "zero time": the same concept, by the way, includes all the latest cooking and okolofutbolnye business on game day.

After the zero comes first half the game directly. The fans are in their places. Slaughtered ultras sector stadium - bed. One of the commandments ultras: during the match would not sit on plastic chairs - "duck". So what do ultras, while 11 players in the form of their favorite team compete on the field with the enemy? They are simply shizeyut: Shiz - [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/archive/0/n-10150/] active support of 11,111,137. Team fans, located on the podium in the sector.

First, fans stretch flags and banners. Banner - a kind of poster, which is typically used only once on a particular game. Banners are made in order to support their favorite team or insult opponents, is that in order to express dissatisfaction with the leadership of the club.

As for баннеров в мире футбола there is a fairly strict restrictions: they must not foul language or discrimination of any kind. In performing these little creative requirements should be very strictly, but sometimes korobyaschie soul banners, created by people with complete lack of ability to think, to appear in matches. A recent prominent example is sacrilegious inscription insulting cherished memory of a great goalkeeper Lev Yashin.

  Flags usually show only belong to a particular club or the movement of ultras. But there are flags, slogans or banners that are within the meaning close to the banners. This is a long cloth, they are called streamers, which are hung in front of the podium, where some sick football fan group: they may be and club symbols, and various slogans.

Secondly, the fans support their idols with krichalok and songs. Фанатские песни обычно представляют собой перефразированные существующие хиты, с припевами и несколькими куплетами – всё очень серьёзно. Бывает, что болельщики поют авторские песни, придуманные исключительно в честь любимого клуба .

 Who is Ultras? Part 2 Pyrotechnic show. Support the team can and wild cheering, but much nicer players will listen to his address "charges" in the common people - chants . Yelled into simple motives short chants used in the two obvious purposes: first, the praise of their favorite team, and secondly, all possible belittling the merits of the opposing team.

As part of the song sample must be taken from the British fans. Stadiums on Foggy Albion during matches literally come to life: straightforward, chorus of voices singing ballads whole, moving in time with what is happening on the field, become silent when the owner's team misses the ball, and entered the fierce joy when, on the contrary, the native command affects physical sport.

And now the team, fueled by the roar of the fans, scores a goal! The stands starts fireworks show. Flares, smoke, fire. It happens that, celebrating a goal, fans are immersed in the smoke of the stadium, and the judge in such cases, forced to stop the match.

Goal fans can celebrate with the help of 11,111,142. "Slam" [/b] . That elation, demonstrated by the fans, allegedly developed into a brawl. This fracas is not real - just a way of provoking police officers or other representatives of government, serving the match. Indispensable attribute of "slam" - falling Tribune 11,111,143. . It starts from the top of the sector. Fans holding hands, fall on challenges below, which in turn fall on those below themselves: the principle of dominoes in action. Then Ultras pull each other back.

 Who is Ultras? Part 2 Press, but all of the above is a perfectly peaceful, but a bad reputation of football fans - still not empty words. If the fans are quite razbushuyutsya, for their calming use "Squirtwoman" - special water cannons. In response, if not entirely without reason, fans can attack the police cordon - this is called [b] "Press"

If you decide to attack the ultras fans of another team, then they do this in several ways. Firstly, Bombardment When the sector opponents throws various objects, which fans were able to carry with you to the stadium. Secondly, shedvel - When thugs enter the sector of fans of another team and they tied a fight.