What wonderful vacation at Zilime?

What wonderful vacation at Zilime? In late summer Zilim unusually poetic. Soft, light, romantic autumn in the Southern Urals makes the neighborhood of the river worthy painter. Right tributary of the Belaya River - a popular holiday destination for tourists and travelers in Bashkortostan. Athletes tend to float on Zilimu spring during high water. Such trips are related to the second category of difficulty.

In summer Zilim flooded groups tourist enthusiasts Which are slowly discovering the beauty of nature Bashkir (for tourists, by the way, there are specially equipped areas). A neighborhood Zilima so picturesque that once fell under his spell, it is difficult not to return to this small but surprisingly comfortable river. Even to be here for the first time, you feel like home.

Perhaps this contributes to a very peaceful and quiet character of the river: in its entirety meets a threshold, which is assigned the second category of difficulty, and after the five-kilometer Shiver - the mass of surface rocks, between which the lumbermen must navigate. But in general, remarkably peaceful river: in summer it is shallow, clear water in it, and generally Zilim considered one of the most ecologically clean rivers of Bashkortostan. Fishing is alone in these parts have not yet had occasion. But they say here is caught grayling and 1,111,114. trout [/url] .

It flows through the territory of a Zilim Gafuriyskogo and Beloretsk areas, starting in Ishimbay area and indulge in White fifty kilometers from Ufa. The total length of the river - 215 miles, its waters fill up several tributaries, the width varies from 10 to 50 meters.

But most importantly, what is available Zilim - amazing rocky areas, which flank the river and give it a unique, incomparable view, rich vegetation, numerous grottos, caves, clean streams and springs. The most popular way to see Zilimom - 1,111,116. Rafting [/url] .

But even a small hike along Zilima can bring a lot of fun - forests around beautiful mixed. There are a variety of shrubs and trees: acorns rustling oaks, bright green translucent lime and birch, red - mountain ash and maple, a wonderful aroma fills the forest of pine, on the slopes of juniper berries turn blue ...

 The rocks here are very picturesque: piles of limestone rocks, they are decorated with an abundance of niches, grottoes and 1,111,118. Cave [/url] . The largest cave, which attracts the attention of tourists to Zilime - cave them. 30 th anniversary of Victory, or Kinderlinskaya cave. An amazing monument of the ancient sea currents created within the mountain bizarre maze of different geological rocks.

Graphic quality beach, decorated with overgrown juniper, and ask to be imprinted on the photo. Zilima sights are very high tolparovskie rock Which, like a bastion, pile on the river for miles, and in particular rock Mambetov (250m).