Why is water aerobics?

Why is water aerobics? Man on 80% consists of water - I thought, trying to squeeze in a new sarafan their splendid shape. Мдя! Here are just out of the water it is my lousy postpartum tummy and flanks - a consequence of uncontrollable passion for sweets? New dress dangerously splitting at the seams. Catastrophe! Recover detail in the store did not want. But I wanted to one day wake up slim.

What a pity that such miracles do not happen! Having suffered for about another ten minutes, I started to draw up a plan. So ... Healthy eating and balanced diet - it's all clear. But what to do with physical exertion? They must be fairly intense, but not very long (as in any young mom free time I have not a lot).

And here I am again reminded that the man 80% of the water ... my choice was aqua aerobics. After wandering for all sorts of resources on the Internet, I discovered 1,111,112. many pluses [/url] this kind of fitness.

  In the first place. In doing this the spine is reduced to a minimum. For us, the ladies lose weight, it is very important.

  Secondly. If you think that exercise some simple, you're wrong! Pressures taken lightly: Water Environment resists, respectively, we make great efforts in order to perform the exercise.

 В-третьих. Преодолевая сопротивление воды, наше тело получает самый настоящий массаж . So it can not survive, that after losing weight your skin loses elasticity and, pardon me, sagging.

  Fourth. You can not see! All your body is under water! Therefore, no one embarrassed, you are doing all the exercises with pleasure.

  Fifthly. The magic power of water, washed with us tired and negative. (Well, this is for those who did not have the first four paragraphs.)

By the way, group sessions usually last from 45 minutes to an hour. Oh allocate to watch a couple of times a week for classes get even the busiest person.

I always try not to procrastinate their plans. I know that with time the motivation is lost. Have thoughts like: "A good man should be a lot" or "My husband and me so loves. I will not argue with the above statements. But, in my opinion, even they are not cause for laziness.

Already the next morning, I cheerfully bobbing under the water bright yellow gantelkami, repeating the motion for a thin girl instructor, standing on the side of the pool. Take a breath, take a breath ... During the sessions it became clear that for aqua-aerobics is very important to 11,111,116. correct rhythmic breathing 11,111,121. .

Another secret of productive training - the press. [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/archive/0/n-9209/] Abdominal muscles 11,111,121. They have to be tightened. (The first time have a message to this constantly reminded.)

I can not warn you. It happens that after a few workouts weight does not decrease, but rather increased by a couple of kilos. Do not be frightened, and in no case do not stop. This is part of the tone your muscles. A few lessons will take fat and weight decrease. You will feel refreshed and postroynevshey.

A posture! What is truly 11,111,120. royal posture 11,111,121. there is a woman who regularly visit the pool! People on the street escorted views: Men - ecstatic women - envious.