What is useful during the development of rock climbing walls?

What is useful during the development of rock climbing walls? Recently, some only way to spend your free time there. Who wants to drive - please, you dance, who want to relax - to show yoga who lack physical exercise - may suggest a gym, but there is not so interesting. For those who want not only to warm up and train the muscles, but also to practice in logic, as well as manual dexterity, without any fraud and to acquire 1,111,118. 1111119 climbing wall. In other words - climb the wall.

It would seem that could be easier? The most common reason so people who came first to conquer the artificial peak, but have shoulders for a good sports training. However, having made the first movement, many people understand that not calculate the forces, and then begin the questions: how there is the fragile-looking girl can swim so gracefully, cutting across the space of the wall, when I every move has been difficult?

In fact, in order to master the climbing wall and enjoy without loss in the form of sprains and wounds, it will take so much time. But for this, as in any endeavor, requires a literate approach.

So, if you decide to let into their lives climbing wall, the first lesson you'd better spend with an instructor who will explain everything and show. At the very least, look for among friends and acquaintances, when someone is already keen on this type of 1,111,114. Sport [/url] And ask them to show you the basics. Otherwise, you risk everything to do wrong, and accordingly, the success in mastering the walls will achieve is unlikely, and so it poostynete, not knowing this kaifa from conquering peaks.

 [b] Climbing wall 1,111,119. is a wall with fitted hooks - projections. The shape and size hooks are very different from each other: one - with a large comfortable handle for which can be grasped by all fingers of the other can catch only two fingers, the third - just one. And there are those for which at best can grasp with fingertips.

There are 1,111,118. two types of the wall 1,111,119. - A horizontal and vertical perimeter. For horizontal passages, you'll need special climbing shoes and magnesium (white powder, not giving slide the palms). For vertical passes than rock shoes, and magnesium should be reserved harness, connectors, and a companion, who will insure you, vytravlivaya bottom rope through automatic descender gris-gris, which is mounted on the floor.

When choosing shoes, bring those in which the leg cramped as the narrow focus of the hooks are just clenched fingers.

Unfortunately, all without the loss not do. Corn on the fingers you are guaranteed, so a simple white plaster on the reel is not over. Plasters with antibacterial layers is better not to use, as they quickly divorced.

Well, if ye can someone hedging, do not forget to take fabric household gloves, as used to it can cool to rub his hands on the rope.