Why is ruining youth sports?

Why is ruining youth sports? After reading the article by Yuri Moskalenko \"Why Institute of Physical Education in St. Petersburg was named Lesgaft?\" I remembered a phrase Peter Frantsevich, which in its time a lot of puzzled me: "Young people are destroying three things: wine, gambling, and Sports .

How so, Institute Lesgaft gave the country more than a dozen great athletes, and its founder, it appears, against the fact that young people in sports?

Some do not know what to 1,111,116. Physiotherapy [/url] - This is not the same thing, and doing twice a week, jog, say that they are engaged in sports. Modern sport is a means by competitive activities aimed at achieving victory in the competition. Without competition, he turns into a complex of physical exercises that can be called adaptive, or mass therapy, physical therapy, physical recreation or physical education, depending on the goals and methods. But all these concepts together, are part Physical Culture , That is, the sides of the common human culture, which promotes the biological and spiritual potential of his personality.

 Why is ruining youth sports? PF Lesgaft's all about attitude and motivation to sports. When they go over the brink that divides the enthusiasm and fanaticism, when the main goal - to bypass the other, to "vent" medal, no matter what sport, no doubt, it is harmful, addictive, not conceding to force the same gambling or drinking, on mentioned by Peter Franzevich in his writings.

One of my friends bodybuilder who achieved high results in bodybuilding Both told of their way to the pedestal: "My whole life was dedicated to bodybuilding. Waking up in the morning and going to bed, I thought only about how to build muscle mass, to win. When meeting with friends, the main subject of conversation was the theme of the biceps. According to him the same stories, all who stand at the highest levels of the sport, are familiar with steroids and anabolics.

It is often competitive activity, based on the pursuit of the result, spur to such fanaticism. This is because initially, objective study - To show themselves better than others, be the first 11,111,131. Even through the use of personal degradation and harmful to health products.

 Why is ruining youth sports? Вернёмся к трудам П. Ф. Лесгафта. По его учению, [b]физические упражнения должны гармонично содействовать умственному развитию и нравственному воспитанию молодого человека.
То есть цель их – комплексно, наряду с другими сторонами образования, способствовать духовному росту личности, а не получению призов, наград и других подобных жизненных бонусов. Всё это может присутствовать в занятиях спортом But should not become its meaning.

And here is another fact. Scientists have proved that if the "sports fans" suddenly stop doing the exercises, he immediately earn parts of the brain responsible for addiction to smoking, gambling, alcohol. Against this background may appear that such deviations as bulimia (a sharp increase in appetite) and anorexia nervosa (obsession with weight loss), accompanied by depression. Perhaps because of this, some athletes at the end of his career, lose their meaning in life, ruin oneself by drink, starts taking drugs, or simply gain weight, losing the motivation to perform even simple physical exercises.