When assembled for mushrooms? What mushroom picker

When assembled for mushrooms? What mushroom picker Typically, a daily walk of fungi from April to October does not work, and many collect these gifts of nature occasionally - from case to case. The future mushroom hunters there is an urgent need to somehow organize their searches, and he turns to literature. Here, and it turns out that in the turbulent flow of reading material about mushrooms, there is no reasonable clarity: that this literature is too tricky, scientific, or too peripheral, oblastnicheskaya, and other-other ...

A mushroom of something and need to - it is only a list of his mushrooms, map of places of their growth in his area and an active collection, the rest of incidental knowledge, he gradually dobudet. And when practically everything you need in a mushroom picker, suddenly intervenes weather: no rain, endless sweltering heat, to stone ground ... and mushrooms, which were to appear in the first half of July, did not appear at all in September.

Here, for example, now the Internet promises much as 5 years of intensive heat on the planet. And how can not be disqualified representative quiet hunting? Is that in the tundra on a vacation to go ...

There is a way. Fungi virtually any heat will continue to grow in the floodplains of rivers, streams, creeks, springs, in a swampy area at the bottom of ravines, tall grass, in shady woods ... Just do not be discouraged and stop looking forest delicacies and natural wonders!

List of local mushrooms turns out very quickly: the personal experience, through consultations and interviews with inveterate mushroom pickers. Fungal places are actively searching, gradually turns more or less accurate picture of their geographical location. The hardest thing to get hold of a precise calendar of the collection of local mushrooms. And how to get?

Propose a Calendar for gathering mushrooms in central Russia Except for very extreme and specific climate regions. All fungi can be divided into seven groups of terms of their appearance in white light. And then get around this sign:

  Terms of occurrence of fungi 11,111,133.

  Group of fungi - [i] Start gathering 11,111,113.

1. The lines, morels (mushrooms snowdrops) - second half of April .

2. White, boletus, подосиновики, маслята , Boletus, Chanterelles , Gorkushi - second half of June.

3. Ginger , Russules - beginning of June, the main stream of mushrooms - from the beginning of August.

4. Грузди, свинушки, волнушки - The second half of July.

5. Valois - early August.

6. Nameko , Whites - the second half of August.

7. Greenfinch, goats (goat) - beginning of September.

The completion of the collection, perhaps not so important. Fungi themselves declare their disappearance. A calendar of the best start at the end of harvest season, and processing of mushrooms to use already known to you the facts about the life of the mushroom people. New season, you already begin to clarify the preliminary entries, and each year your mushroom calendar will be more correct.

If possible emergence of fungi correlate with the characteristic of natural omens, the information in your calendar already prices will not be. Well, for example, this entry: hiding in burrows dung beetles - cook coats, mushroom pickers. And perhaps, as a conclusion would be this entry: Fungus luck - the rain so bad weather!
That's all so simple ... Any mushroom can make your own calendar priority areas of its occurrence of fungi on the basis proposed. Be it their own groups, exceptions, notes and so on. The main thing - do not rely on luck, but to apply MUSIC (scientific organization of labor), and creativity.

Well, good-good, proven in childhood recipe: [b] mushrooms, cooked in cream
(Old Russian dish). Fresh mushrooms - white, orange cap boletus, boletus - clean, wash, scald, cut into slices, season with salt and lightly fry. Fold them into the pot or pan and pour boiled cream. Parsley and dill link, investing in the middle of the beam cinnamon, pepper, bay leaf, put in the mushrooms, salt, and covered with a lid, put in a moderately hot oven for an hour.

When mushrooms are ready, remove the greens, and mushrooms served in the same pan in which they were extinguished. At 500 g mushrooms need a glass of cream and tablespoon of oil ... tasty?