Who did you spend your vacation?

Who did you spend your vacation? Summer - time for vacations and holidays - so the long-awaited event that let him organize their course many consider just a luxury. If you're going to go on vacation somewhere outside of the permanent dwelling place, it is very important to consider the issue, and with whom you spend those happy three weeks? And choose vacationist-have accessory, so that leave from the "happy three weeks" turned into a "boring three weeks" or "unbearable and annoying three weeks."

Of course, it is not just about summer vacation: people leave a well-deserved annual vacation and the middle of winter, but in this case to rest alone clearly want a few. A survey conducted by a well-known women's magazine, showed that none of his readers would not like to 1,111,112. your holiday 1,111,119. alone.

With sweet - in a tent!
Naturally, more than half of those surveyed plan to enjoy the rest 1,111,114. together with your beloved 1,111,119. . But in this version of the holiday, of course, has its drawbacks.

First, completely exclude the possibility of holiday romance, though, honestly, some of the fair half of mankind have time, as the saying goes, "combine business with pleasure."

Secondly, if you are going to hold long-awaited vacation is not a legal spouse, but only with the candidate for the seat, it is unlikely that you can completely relax. In the eyes of the loved one wants to always be at a height, to be or at least appear perfect. And what is perfection with disheveled hair in the morning, traces of mascara under her eyes and a slight whiff of tequila you drink yesterday?

 One of my friend left the groom at the famous seaside resort, has returned quite sick: she would wake up every day at six in the morning, refreshed hair, guided waterproof make-up, and then went out to the beach in a way that it easily could be put on a beach pebbles directly on the red carpet next to the celebrities, receiving an Oscar.

With a potential rival - for the resort novels!
The second most popular choice of women's magazine readers has vacation with her best friend. I must say, a vacation with his girlfriend - it is fun and interesting, obviously do not have to be bored, especially if you and your girlfriend have the same idea of a good rest. But God forbid you go on holiday with girlfriend, who is more popular among the opposite sex than you. Watching curling around a friend's fans, you'll spoil completely not only leave, but the relationship with his girlfriend.

A similar pattern, only the specular reflection can occur if your girlfriend uses less than you interest in men. In this case, every day you leave will be accompanied by innuendoes, insults, taunts, and the flash of jealousy. So no [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/archive/0/n-25985/] holiday romance 1,111,119. the joy will not. You may say that I think too badly about people, but it unfortunately just a fact of life.

Without limiting the cradle ...
And, finally, the smallest number of women's magazine readers would like to spend a holiday with your child or children. For me, as another option, I myself and can not imagine. But on the other hand, leave the children can be a real vacation only if your side is someone on whom you can shift at least partly responsible for the kids. Continuing care for children, worry about whether they are dressed, fed it, well there - hard work, even though most men already accept this as a very-evident duty of women.

It is understandable that a woman would be able to relax at least a couple of days and not think about anyone but itself. Another question is whether mom spend a holiday away from children? Do not be turned into a vacation in torment if you ever miss your malyshatam, toil, torment himself with emotions such as "what if" or "but how are they?

Well, decide to whom to leave, just as importantly, how to decide 1,111,118. where to hold 1,111,119. And often much more important. After all, any place can become a paradise on earth in a good, sweet heart of the company. And if we are calm and happy, then we will be well on the famous European spa, and in an old house in the village, in a cottage on the lake.