Where to rest in September?

Where to rest in September? If it happened that you can not otgulyat his vacation in the summer, you can plan it for the first month of autumn. On your happiness в сентябре многие туроператоры lower prices for their services, there is the mass of 11,111,190. "Burning tours" [/b] And it remains only to choose the right place to relax, to spend their vacation cheap and tasteful.

So, a list of popular holiday destinations in September:

 Where to rest in September? Blacker nowhere ... Krasnodar
When summer heat descends on the Black Sea begins "velvet" season ". Warm during the summer months the water leaves an incredible feeling! Ripe fruits and vegetables are much cheaper, as prices in hotels and hotels. Some 0,000,003. . No sweltering heat and, together with the favorable climate for the entire month will provide you a good rest.

Since the beginning of September on the Azov Sea coast established warm and dry weather, water is heated to 23-25 degrees, and only the nights are slightly cooler. Azov sea resorts attract family of people coming to rest children Because the coast there is very convenient: sandy and flat.

 Where to rest in September? Novy Afon, Abkhazia Abkhazia
Rest in Abkhazia combines swimming at beaches and familiarity with the history and culture of the country's 11,111,189. . Since the beginning of the month "velvet" season "in full swing, and even the occasional rain on the water temperature does not affect. Add on to it [i] healthy air, clean sea, reasonable prices , The abundance of fruit and interesting excursions - and you will receive a pleasant holiday in all respects.

 Cruise the rivers of Russia
This could be 0,000,005. of famous sites, visiting the great cities and attractions. The mild weather in early September at an opportune moment for such a pastime. Will leave an indelible impression adorned yourselves with the autumn colors forest and the starry sky, which you will have time to admire from the deck of the ship (it gets dark quite early in September). Still standing to bring along warm clothes in case of unexpected weather changes.

 Where to rest in September? Greece ... tale, which is a real fall! Bus tours to Europe
Early autumn - the perfect time for travel and hiking 0,000,007. very economical 11,111,189. , Besides you have a great opportunity to see several countries during one trip and get acquainted with the famous monuments of culture.

Equally popular among Russians holiday in Turkey has not lost its relevance in September, moreover, with the beginning of autumn 0,000,008. for it has everything: Swedish table, swimming pools and water parks for the kids, children's programs. The owners of local hotels are generally interested in how to make your vacation with a child held in a comfortable environment.

 Where to rest in September? Spain? Yes, of course! Greece
This "velvet" season "begins с середины сентября, и, как правило, стоит отличная погода. Но лучше выбирать для отдыха крупные острова, поскольку на мелких может быть достаточно ветрено. Спокойный отдых, тёплое море и множество экскурсий по сниженным осенним ценам сделают отпуск запоминающимся и комфортным! Только не забудьте позаботиться заранее о приобретении шенгенской визы .

In the north of Spain, good weather lasts until late September, the southern beaches are also open the entire month. However, since mid-September on the coast of Коста-дель-Соль может прийти холодное течение, а на курортах Коста-Дорада и Коста-Брава обычно начинаются дожди. Желающие приобщиться к испанской культуре могут посетить фестиваль фламенко Passing in late September in Seville or visit the festival in honor of Pedro Romero , Promising an exciting battle with the bulls.

Dreaming podzagoret - go to Morocco , country hot sand and beautiful beaches 11,111,189. . September sun does not burn up, but a good warm up you and the water in the ocean in this season like fresh milk! In addition, with the beginning of the fall you have the chance to go [i] with an excursion to the southern parts of the country 11,111,189. Which is not so hot. And do not forget that in Morocco, as in other countries, in September, prices for accommodation in hotels decreased by 30%.

 Where to rest in September? Cloudless sky, Morocco, Tunisia
September - one of the best months to visit this wonderful country. Wild the August heat by 50 degrees decreases, and, as in other countries of North Africa, [i] become possible excursions to the Sahara.
Entertainment is also be interesting. In September, in Tunisia begins 11,111,188. series of holidays 11,111,189. On the water. It is Festival coral 11,111,189. (2-6 September) and the so-called [i] "Neptune's Trident" in the town of Tabarka, Festival of the Sea and the feast of sirens Island Kerken (in the second half of the month). Local traditions and customs will not leave you indifferent!

Whichever country you choose, заранее позаботьтесь о путёвках. Выберите подходящего туроператора, может быть, руководствуясь советом знакомых и родственников, уточните прогноз погоды на время запланированного отдыха и не спешите бросаться на заниженные цены «горящих путёвок» without prior acquaintance with the company providing these services.