Extreme outdoor games. What is it?

Extreme outdoor games. What is it? The winner would never say:
"It's just a game".
Gloria Copeland

Sometimes on the streets you can see the strange people - they crawl on all fours, walking around with their oars, pestering people with incredible questions. What happens to them? Why are they so wonderfully behave?

Most likely, these strange people - members of city street games. Sure, you've already heard half an ear on the "Watch" or «Encounter». Most of these games are somewhat similar to the Soviet game Zarnitsa, they are now very much. Let's try to clarify the situation and find out what kind of game?

The point of the game is to get ten levels, guess a riddle, puzzle, and find the encrypted codes. Teams consist of staff and several crew members. Must be present in the team flashlights, laptop, mobile phones and the Internet. The headquarters is connected through the site with the organizers, giving their answers, looking for crews. From ten in the evening Saturday and Sunday morning to seven members compete, trying to solve the task. Winning is a faster team.

In \"Patrol\" have their own dictionaries: one drafted players, the other - the organizers. From the dictionary, compiled by the participants:

  "Aboriginal - a typical representative of the local flora, area.
Uncle - the people in green vests, who earn by stopping cars with his stick.
"... Lost kitten, kitty, kitty ..." - the standard answer to the question "What is going on here?" Or "What are you looking for?"
Invalid question - the universal excuse of organizers. "

Sentinel dictionary, created by the organizers of the project, includes terms and definitions used in the game. However, memorize them before the game there is no need, since during the game by themselves, will be remembered.

Also in the "Patrol" There are a set of rules, which includes a lot of paragraphs and subparagraphs. Rules relating to registration, the organization of games, penalties, bonuses, etc.

The objectives are the same as in the "Watch" command is also divided into those at headquarters and those in the carriage. Players 11,111,115. must find the code that they enter into a special form on the site. If the code is correct, then the team moves to the next level, usually these levels as ten.

Here is an example of assignment: "From the cinema" Minsk "to the first house on the avenue Masherov goes our pair - two of our agent. A girl with short hair and a young man, in his left hand he holds a plastic bag. You need to take a paddle, to find the description of our agents to approach him, and turning to the girl asked: 'girl, and you hit ever on the head? ". At the same oar, you should defiantly keep in their hands. "

The point here is almost the same as in the "Patrol" and «Encounter». Organisers have positioned themselves as non-profit project, but a fee for participation in the game yet taken. As the city moves from one team only one car, the team consists of five or fewer people. In the "Game" all jobs are issued at the start, unlike the "Patrol" and «Encounter», where the game goes in phases.

"City Style"
This competition between the teams, who need the legend goes faster than others to get to certain places. The place is denoted by a riddle. For example, to determine the road, you have to turn on a particular rotation, which must calculate the traffic lights. It is important to carefully look around and be able to 11,111,112. target areas
Also required a well-equipped technically machine.

It is necessary to capture interesting moments of life on a strictly defined topic. For example, shoot man on a sledge with a scarf and a hat with gloves, when in the yard in the middle of summer. In the team can participate from 2 to 5 people. On the assignment is given approximately 6 hours. For each image calculated scores, winners receive prizes.

There is also Game "Fight", "Photoextreme", "wet war", "Caching", "Challenge", etc. The number of these games increases almost from day to day, therefore, there is a demand for them.

Why do young people and adults every Saturday, Sunday or any other day participate in competitions, whether for the sake of winning? Or is it a unique way of escape from reality? Maybe it's the same substitution of reality, like computer games? Whether the games are useful or harmful? Interesting? It is fashionable? These issues become increasingly important, because these games are, of course, the social character, and their spread will inevitably increase.