What's new offer fitness clubs? Box-aerobics and kinezis

What's new offer fitness clubs? Box-aerobics and kinezis Most likely, you already go every week to аэробику, шейпинг, плавание or street dance. But maybe you're looking for something new? Luckily for us, lately there are many new sports, which help maintain health and energy. In America and Europe, these classes are very popular, they appear in the Russian clubs. Check, maybe in your club news, and worthy of your attention? Tend and be merry!

Box-aerobics (kick-fun)
In fact, the ancient sport in recent boxing again at the peak of their popularity. And not only among men but among women! Why? Because there would be an excellent combination of strength training and aerobics. This direction is based ex-world champion in the contact battle Yvonne Lin, who dedicated himself later aerobics.

For the study required боксерские перчатки, груши и скакалки . Exercise is a complex combinations that mimic the movement boxer in the ring. Being implemented in a couple or alone, under rhythmical music.

With box-aerobics you can stimulate a vigorous music pour out the accumulated irritation and get rid of stress, burn a little excess fat and learn simple self-defense techniques.

 Box-aerobics develops coordination, reaction speed and endurance. This sport involves a serious burden. So Try it, if you already are in excellent shape and just want to support it with a new fitness styles.

Kinezis (Kinesis)
It turns out that there is a whole science under that name. She has been studying the movements of the body and their communicative functions.

But we are talking about a new generation simulator, created on the principles of this science. One simulator «Kinesis» can replace a gym. In memory of the machine laid more than 250 exercises, the technique of each of them is demonstrated in video mode.

Its principal feature is the free choice of the trajectory and range of motion that allows you to perform a variety of exercises. You will move freely, the movement nothing will constrain, but you will actively train. At one unit You can make complex and difficult exercise for the whole group of muscles, and to explore the individual muscles.

Doing a miracle-simulator can people of any age and any fitness level. Especially useful it is to recover from severe injuries, people with different disorders of the musculoskeletal system. In the simulator "Kinezis" very interesting design - a wooden hull, all mechanisms are hidden from view, as they operate, can not observe. The idea of Kinesis - a separate room, wood, specially selected music, aromas. At the gym you can do as a group under the leadership of coach, and individually.

By the way, there is a version of the simulator for home (Personal Kinesis). You can select a model with wall bars, a model with leather panels or glass, gold or cream. They say that Armani was not able to make a choice and got to his house once two simulator: "Glass" and "Black".