What's new offer fitness clubs? Bikram Yoga, Les Mills programs

What's new offer fitness clubs? Bikram Yoga, Les Mills programs Continued. The first part - is .

Bikram Yoga (Bikram yoga)
Bikram Yoga is named after its founder, Bikram Choudhary (Bikram Choudhury). Since it opened in 1973, his studio in Beverly Hills, it managed to go in almost all stellar residents of Los Angeles. Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow - fans of the sport. The idea Chowdhury is that once the Indian rishis lived in very hot climates, the performance of all asanas originally designed for high temperature air. This is a classic yoga, but in a room with a temperature of 37-40 degrees Celsius, it is also called "hot yoga".

The high temperature helps the muscles to quickly relax and become flexible. This makes it easy to do exercises. Classes are 90 minutes, during this time in a very fast pace holds 26 classic asanas, and the couple breathing exercises. "Exercises Bikram Yoga designed to strengthen each body part in the correct order. Each posture prepares the body to the next, and their sequence increases oxygen intake and improves the elimination of toxins from the body. Caution! Do not forget to 1,111,116. drink water [/url] Otherwise there is a risk to make a severe headache! Bikram Yoga allows you to quickly recover from injuries, and weight throw and recover the shape (eg after childbirth). Before the occupation it is desirable to advance to drink enough water, proceed to the exercises can be 1,5-2 hours after eating. After the lesson for the day to continue more abundant water intake than on ordinary days.

Fitness Les Mills programs
Enjoying the super all over the world, these programs are group workouts created in the New Zealand Institute for Les Mills. Philip Mills began to develop them for their fitness-club, named in honor of his father, a New Zealand athlete Forest Mills. These programs are different from other fitness workouts to music that within three months of 1,111,118. choreography [/url] and music lessons do not change. This helps to easily learn the exercises, do not be afraid to lag behind the group, if missed several days of training. The entire complex can be learned in three sessions, and after that, knowing the program, you can not be distracted by learning and training exercises, and lay at full. Training Les Mills may hold only sports school, receive special Licence, and the instructor specially trained. In group sessions Les Mills include:

  1. Bodypump. Nizkoudarnaya workout using an adjustable rod with a weight under the fiery, energetic music. Exercise strengthens the ligaments and joints, improves muscle strength and relief without excessive increase in muscle volume.

 2. Bodycombat. Программа разработана на основе движений, заимствованных из целого ряда единоборств: карате , Kickboxing, Taekwondo, Tai-chi. Allows you to burn more calories.

  3. Bodybalance. The program combines the basic elements of programs Mind Body: Yoga, Pilates, tai chi and others. It's definitely picked up a sequence of poses and stretching exercises. A relaxing workout, with a focus on control of breathing and inner concentration.

 4. RPM (Revolutions Per Minute). Высокоинтенсивная тренировка на стационарных велосипедах. Эта сайклинг-программа поможет очень быстро сжигать калории: до 900 калорий за один 45-минутный урок! Позволяет снизить вес and raise kardiovynoslivosti.

  5. Bodyattack. Two-component high-intensity program that combines kardionagruzku and strength training.

  6. Bodyjam. Lesson dance aerobics that combines many different styles.

  7. Bodystep. Vysokonagruzochnaya workout using step platforms.

All of the programs do not contain any restrictions on the level of physical fitness.