What's new offer fitness clubs? Zumbo, Krav Maga and half-fitness

What's new offer fitness clubs? Zumbo, Krav Maga and half-fitness End. Previous part - is .

Zumbe (Zumba)
This new popular fitness program comes from Colombia. Zumbe - a combination of exciting energetic dance and enhanced training. These classes are fully compliant with the latest trends in fitness - how to make yourself sweat, but fun.

The atmosphere in the classroom Zumbe reigns is the same as at a party or a disco. "Dancing" Zumbe "within hours, - says the creator of dance Alberto Perez - it's like to take part in the celebration. Zumba - a combination of dance and aerobics, which helps to feel attractive. In this dance is the movement of the Merengue, Salsa, Samba and 1,111,114. Flamenco [/url] . Many movements hips, a lot of fun, a lot of calories. " Many celebrities (eg, Shakira) to appreciate this new product and invite Peres as his personal choreographer.

Krav Maga (Krav maga)
Very energetic workout, based on the technique of self-defense of the Israeli army. Frequently Krav magician called the contact battle. Training includes elements of boxing, ju-jitsu, wrestling and karate.

Krav Maga - it is not so much a means to maintain 1,111,116. different forms of 11,111,117. As an effective system of self-defense for both men and women. Tested on the battlefield and in the street clashes, manning weapons many special forces around the world, Krav Maga teaches you how to behave in extreme situations.

Classes of Krav-Mare often take place in the centers of martial arts and controversies than in the fitness rooms. There are many specialized centers and organizations around the world devoted to Krav magician. For training does not require special clothing or form, to deal effectively with a normal daily clothes and shoes. In the classroom (in the hall or on the street) played out scenes that simulate different 1,111,118. emergencies [/url] and worked through the proper behavior for them: robbery, assault, robbery with a knife or a gun, rape, hostage-taking and others.

Krav Maga is very popular in the U.S.. Stars like Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie and Sandra Bullock are its adherents. Every girl should have to pass this training to be calm for his life and Safety .

Pole fitness (Pole fitness)
Want the same body, like Demi Moore in the movie "Striptease"? Then think about a half-fitness, he's half-dance (pole dance). This exercise combines the erotic dance and acrobatic tricks and turns to the pylon. Pilon - it is a vertical metal pole used in a striptease.

From strip clubs bars moved into dance studios, they are equipped with sports facilities and fitness clubs, classes, and modern dance classes and stripplastikoy kardiostriptizom. Organisers of the first Pole fitness championship in Russia, describes the rules dances on the pylon: "The main difference from the strip - is the use of complex tricks on the pylon, which is built on the basis of performance, and, importantly, banned nudity and frank too choreographed. The purpose of the Executive - to create a harmonious spectacle, which combines the four elements, such as land (it stalls), air (a rotation), water (a dance), and the fire (it's tricks). Engaged in a half-fitness barefoot or more often in shoes with high heels. The more attractive half-fitness? It is available to all, it strengthens the muscles, it attaches to the self-confidence, and, of course, he is sexy!

Wii Fit
This game fitness trainer from Nintendo (You'll need game console Nintendo Wii). If you instead prefer to engage in sports clubs at home, try it! This device measures the weight and determines the center of gravity with the help of pressure sensors, captures all the movements of your body - a new way to game management.

This system allows you to set individual goals and improve training. Virtual Trainer Wii Fit will show all the necessary movements and monitor your every action. Among the 40 exercises in four categories (aerobics, weight training, yoga, exercises on balance) you will definitely find something interesting and useful!

In addition to new kinds of activities, including monthly and new trends emerge:

Fitness для детей: Сейчас с каждым годом все больше и больше детей страдают от лишнего веса . Therefore, sports school and fitness centers are introduced into their schedules classes for children.

Fitness 11,111,118. at work [/b] : More and more companies are investing in the health of its workers, opening fitness centers directly to enterprises.