As a novice angler to pre-empt an emergency situation?

As a novice angler to pre-empt an emergency situation? Optimistic worldly philosophy asserts that from the "hopeless" situation is, at least three choices: bad and good - between them. The problem that arises in any emergency situation, is not to lose my temper and find a decent, rational way out. Therefore, a serious angler should pre-empt negative situation and advance, carefully prepare the immune emergency reserve (ANPE).

We know that fishing from fishing differs: day - night, Spring - Summer - Autumn - Winter ; Short - long distance; familiar - unfamiliar, and in clear weather - snow, rain and bad weather; collective - single, for a specific fish, specific, sensitive individual, walking - with the use of transport ... and so on. In all cases the same set of improvised tools and devices, as well as 11,111,112. immune emergency reserve 11,111,113. Unlikely to fit. Yet, by experience can gradually make the main things, objects, products that may be needed if anglers in a difficult situation.

Especially for this article, for our readers from among 1,111,118. novice anglers [/url] Had to open a fishing backpack, get saving waterproof bag with Naz and describe its contents.

So, what can be found in such a package?

• fishing line: a fine on a leash or winter bait - from 0,07 to 0,22; thick (core) - from 0,3 to 0,7;
• Hooks: small - up to number 5 on the national classification; several major short-and long fore-end;
• 2-3 spinners, mormyshkas;
• metal leash;
• Georgia: incised bird-shot, removable "tube", lead tape;
• float assembly and spare parts (karabinchik, rings);
• mounting tape (insulating tape) - a very good tool for repairing breakdowns Rods and its terminal part, when making additional braking devices, etc.;
• Match: ordinary and all-weather (in paraffin or wax);
• seasoned gas lighter;
• dry spirit tablets (in waterproof bags);
• paraffin wax candle (or part thereof);
• Needle (small file for sharpening and straightening hooks);
• Small pliers (combined);
• Needle (awl, nail);
• wipes in a waterproof bag;
• iodine, sterile cotton and bandage (in package);
• small flashlight-pen (battery-or finger-pad);
• small (light) knife as an addition to the core;
• universal glue (a small tuba);
• compass.

From food to set NAZ may include:

• water bottle with water;
• The hard dark chocolate;
• The package cookies (biscuits);
• biscuits;
• tea or coffee in bags with dry milk and sugar:
• tube of oil, dry meat, vitamin tablets;
• Salt in waterproof bag (a large number - for his own use and salting fish);

The contents of a sacred emergency reserve tightly and rationally laid in a special tin box, laid cotton or cloth, box joints taped over tape or duct tape. A good substitute for a tin box can serve as an army pot with a lid. And yet it can be replaced by a wooden, cardboard, but measures to protect against shock and moisture should only increase. If necessary, the fishing can be used and bags, thermos, or just a thermos of tea or coffee.

With such an emergency reserve can stand up to any trouble that might happen while fishing. But there are add-on. If you must fish with 11,111,112. Boat [/b] , Then you should have, and repair kit, which includes:

• rubber cement or glue for special fabrics;
• Rubber or other patches;
• Sandpaper (medium grain);
• Degreasing fluid (eg, cologne);
• additional valve with a lid.

TO [url=] fishing in bad weather 11,111,115. good to have a raincoat, spare socks and warm clothes.

Mobile phone can do a good service as a navigation aid, if the terrain is rugged connection.

It remains to add one more thing. In addition to emergency reserve, which is opened and "refreshed" only when required, or extreme need, experienced fishermen always have with you:

• proof of identity, and money supply (in a waterproof bag);
• small entrenching tool (in pouch);
• mebolshoy hatchet (in a case)
• Primary (multifunctional) knife (in a case);
• a strong line of considerable length;
• the main light (for 6-8 hours of continuous operation);
• Tweezers;
• a set of threads and needles;
• rags;
• notebook and pen;
• ointment from blood-sucking insects.