Why Olympic medals in Vancouver unique?

Why Olympic medals in Vancouver unique? When the winners of the Winter Olympics 2010 in Vancouver, will rise to the podium, they will receive medals, unique in all senses of the word.

  First These medals will be very unusual form . Eight years ago, the organizers of the Olympics-2002 in the American city of Salt Lake City showed originality. The winners then handed the medals in the form of a pentagon (five Olympic rings, five continents), with rounded edges. Organizers of the Olympic Games 2006 in Turin went one step further: the Olympic medals have the Olympic rings.

Designers of winning the Olympics in Vancouver, Коррин Хант (Corrine Hunt) и Омер Арбель (Omer Arbel) работали над созданием медалей около двух лет. Это самые большие по размеру и по весу медали за всю историю олимпийского движения . Awards for Olympic champions are made of round billets of 100 mm in diameter and 6 mm thick. Winners of the Paralympic Games will receive their awards, made from "roundels" diameter, 95 mm. Each medal will weigh almost a pound (from 500 to 576 grams).

Medals of Olympic champions will be round and medal champion Paralympic Games - oval or a square with rounded corners. However, the medals themselves are not flat. Their surface is wavy, like the surrounding mountains and Vancouver as the waves of the Pacific Ocean, on the shore of which stands the town. Awards such original form at the Olympics has not yet awarded.

Using a laser and computer for each medal is applied pattern-engraved . This pattern is not repeated on any coin, making every Olympic award, gold, silver or bronze, unique. That is The second feature of 11,111,119. medals, the Vancouver-2010.

The basis for graviruemyh patterns served two original works of the artist Corrine Hunt. She - a representative of an Indian tribe, who lived in these places before the advent of Europeans here. Politically correct Canadians invented "their" Indians funny term «The first nation» ("First people").

One of the works Corrine Hunt - the traditional Indian image of killer whales. In the myths of the Indians west coast of Canada orca symbolizes strength and dignity, which in the opinion of the artist is also characteristic and sportsmen Olympians. The second work - as a traditional Indian image of a crow, the patron of the tribe.

Using a computer, each of the work was divided into fragments, whose number corresponds to the total number of Olympic and Paralympic medals. At each Olympic medal was engraved by one of the fragments killer. At each Paralympic medals - one of the fragments of a crow. In awarding the athletes will also receive a silk scarf, which is printed a full picture. Each winner will be able to find "their" place in the overall pattern of the Olympics-2010. Pretty pathetic!

Lastly, [b]третья особенность
олимпийских наград Ванкувера-2010. Медали были изготовлены на государственном монетном дворе из металла, поставленного канадской горнодобывающей компанией Teck Resources Limited. Для этой цели Teck поставила 2,05 кг золота, 1950 кг серебра и 903 кг меди. Почему серебра гораздо больше, чем золота? Дело в том, что золотые медали изготавливаются из серебра и покрываются золотом. Впервые в истории в металлы, используемые для изготовления олимпийских medals were added to gold, silver and copper, resulting from disposal of computer components, keyboards, televisions and electric cables.