It does not get better on vacation? Return

It does not get better on vacation? Return Today - the final part of our серии, посвященной обсуждению сохранения своего веса и стройной фигуры в отпуске. Как мы уже выяснили, в отпуске без труда можно не только сохранить свой вес, не набрав лишних килограммов, но даже и постройнеть на 1-2 кг, если только соблюдать нехитрые правила .

But the main danger (weight gain) lies in wait for us not to leave, but immediately after returning home!

At this time let's talk about returning from vacation. The most important (for our weight) during the holiday time - a return! It is in the last days of vacation and the first week or two after the release of many rapidly gaining weight. Often, it is not gaining weight on vacation or recovered slightly (up to a kilogram), houses many of the rapidly 1,111,116. 11,111,125 recover. . How to deal with it?

First of all, we must understand why this is happening. Two main reasons.

  The first reason is . In the holiday we can have even more than usual. But the weight is not reached, because we are a very active lifestyle, many are engaged in sports, walk, swim, dance, etc. And back home, dramatically reduces motor activity, because, alas, in ordinary life we do not have the same opportunities to move and walk in the fresh air. However, the habit of many and delicious to eat, how to leave, is conserved. And we begin to overeat and have no time to waste energy, recovering sharply. And wonder what happens to the weight!

Say, you're faced with this problem?

I have felt it best, when in 2003 she worked in animation in Turkey . We ate enough for three, even five! Never in my life I did not eat so much! In this case two months later, I returned slim and trim. (I must say that my weight has not changed at all - how to travel, I so and after - 60 kg). But a month after returning from my elegant figure was gone, again returned laxity and added a couple of extra pounds. Because of a very active lifestyle, where we spent all day moving the game to rest, rehearsed presentation, danced and bathed, I went to the usual bustle of the city and mostly sedentary. And I had to limit myself in nutrition and active in sports, to return to their former weight.

To this problem did not arise, we must all abide by three rules:

 In the holiday to try to comply with the usual schedule for food Do not cross in the night (I repeat, this rule again, because it is the most important!)

 Do not have a company! Stop at once, we felt that ate.

 As soon as possible after returning back to their normal diet.

  The second reason is : Posleotpusknaya depression. This phenomenon is also, unfortunately, familiar to many. Often, after a holiday we fall into depression, especially if the return from the southern resort of us waiting for bad weather.

We lose heart, do not want to do anything. We spend most of their time on the couch or at the computer and ate my grief, that is what we had to come back from a fantastic holiday to the usual routine. How to avoid or overcome posleotpusknuyu depression 11,111,125. ? I have some 11,111,118. Simple Secrets of 11,111,119. Who helped me:

 I always prepare for the return in advance, carefully tidying before departure. I try to disassemble and clean the refrigerator. Be sure to change my bed and hang clean towels. Arriving home, I am pleased to go to a clean house.

 Plan your vacation so that after the return of remains 2-3 days (or at least one) to return to work or return to business as usual.

 When he recovered after his return, and discuss things, not in a hurry to proceed immediately to business. Extend your vacation a little more! Well continue to do something out of what you do during your vacation. Go on nature, on the beach, walk or sit in a cafe. Try to feel like a tourist in his hometown. Walk in their city as if you came to him for the first time in my life, take a look at it from. Go to Museum , On a trip or to the theater - where you been collected, but could not reach.

 Use your last vacation days to visit your favorite sites and do your favorite things. Go to a favorite cafe or park. See a good movie or read a favorite book.

 Take care of your beauty! Go to the hairdresser, a manicure-pedicure. You can go to a massage or a sauna.

 Write a report on vacation and attach all your vacation photos!

 The first few days after returning from vacation and the last days of your vacation - the best time to meet with friends and family! Gather gay friendly 11,111,122. by
or his close-knit family. Show off your tan, brought back souvenirs and photos, share your impressions of holidays. It will be nice if you had stolen from a holiday bottle of local wine and new recipes. Prepare something unusual!

Be careful with the last paragraph! I am on the morning after a delicious Sunday barbecue with his friends found an additional gain of 600 grams, and I had to urgently get rid of him!

 And last, but certainly a very important point which should be executed before the holiday! The day before departure, contact list, to which you will need to start after his return, and leave it in a conspicuous place. It will help you easily return to your [url=] daily activities 11,111,125. .

Sometimes you have posleotpusknaya depression, and how you do you cope with it?

Well rested on vacation and after him, returning to normal. And begin to control the food! It is important to begin to monitor the power from the first working day! Find a deserted vacation diary and start again to write down everything eaten. I kept records of habit and leave, right after the fact, once or twice a week, and, of course, do not count calories. (I think that my quota of calories, I still overeat at lunch.) From the trip, we returned on Friday afternoon. At the weekend I was relaxed and came to his senses. A Monday start again to keep a journal catering to'm regularly, and weigh the products.

Well, our whole series of articles. Many vacation still ahead, and we are waiting for good days!