How to feel like fishing, like a fish in water? About bait.

How to feel like fishing, like a fish in water? About bait. What you need for fishing, if the grenade did not buy? Of course, this rod! Fishing rods are different, depending on the destination, and bought another and depending on the preferences of the angler. But one thing to purchase fishing tackle and completely different - a homemade fishing rod.

As more boys, we do not much bother with such subtleties. We walked to the nearest woods, chose a whip of suitable length, thickness and weight, equip it too easy. It was done all improvised. Of the found crossing the wire ring and made motoviltse. From ordinary sewing needle was placed simple hook, the float was made from a piece of foam or a simple goose feather. Even with this outfit, we were provided with a good catch and delicious, roasted over the fire, minnows, Karasik, Brushes.

But this rod is good only for a certain period during the summer holidays in the countryside, for example. But time passed and interest in fishing is not quenched. And although the store was always possible to select the most worthy of a bamboo rod, we learned to do something special on that catch is not an example of just more interesting. Now I try to describe a short-technology manufacturing such "-yourself" rod, and you read and answer the question. Is it competitive against the backdrop of contemporary reality?

When and what material is best applied? Spring billet material for the future of the rod less useful because harvesting less stable. Here in the autumn - is another matter! Rowan, birch, hazel by this time become sufficiently strong. Better prepare a few whips to the end of the procedure could be the test of comparison and to select one or two ready-made fishing rods, which will serve you faithfully for years.

First harvested rods are to be cleared from the knots, but not from the cortex. Prepared in this way the material is suspended from the top of the attic or in the barn to the beam is more difficult to do in the apartment, fit gazebo. The lower part of the future need to hang the rod load for at least 10, and preferably all of 20-30 kgs. Georgia can be anything: weights, dumbbells, an old crankshaft from light vehicles ... In such a situation should be hung for whips until spring.

In the spring of whips should be cleaned of bark and burrs, then mop up all the irregularities of sandpaper. Treated in this way blanks are impregnated with any vegetable oil, and then covered with water resistant varnish and left to dry. Oiling does not give the rod to absorb the moisture, and also gives the properties of elasticity and viscosity.

Clearly, our procurement is not yet meet our requirements on the strength and thickness. Here to help this recipe. Acetone would be required, rubber, plastic. Dissolved in acetone first rubber, the liquid turned viscous, the resulting solution add the pieces of plastic. The solution should be similar in viscosity to the primer. The liquid is applied to the rod normal brush. Give a little to dry within 10-20 minutes, after which the operation is repeated. Thus, for several passes can be given a rod as a strength, and to engage with their hand on the thickness. Plastic shrinks when dry and very tightly grabs the rod. The weight of this design is increased at all in a little bit.

If you're really just aesthetic, it is necessary pripolirovat rod. After polishing wear cooked choke ring, homemade or purchased, to keep them. The rings are mounted on the adhesive or by winding thread turn to turn, depending on the design of rings. When mounting thread should cover the surface of the threads in the same water-resistant varnish to prevent them from rotting.

Here, in general terms, how you can make the rod itself. Now, after such a thorough treatment, he was not afraid of rubbing, scratches, moisture. With careful handling and timely care is the rod will last a fairly long period of time, experiencing their purchase counterparts, as a rule.

Catcher in the rod is already possible. But for every angler is always a question about his "duty". To find this nuance and need a small test for your gun. To do this you need the weights of the known mass. At the tip of the rod attached to a short leash to start weight of 50 grams. It is then necessary for holding the rod butt (handle!), That bob up from the earth. If nothing is cracked and not cracked the whip, fish, weighing 200-300 grams can be caught easily. With increasing load test up to 200-250 grams and successfully passed the test it is safe to go for fish weighing one kilogram or more. Approximately the same proportions are measured and a large "load" the rod.