Need a vacation? It's time to go fishing! (Part 1)

Need a vacation? It's time to go fishing! (Part 1) Fishing recreational or sports - fishing sports fishing gear - is widely and universally common form of cultural recreation in nature. Regular training of fisheries improve health, bring valuable volitional qualities, contribute to hardening of the body. Fishing is available to people of all ages and various professions.

The law allows sports and recreational fishing in compliance with existing regulations in all waters, except those reserves, fish farms, ponds and other fisheries. In reservoirs and areas where recreational fishing is organized societies, fishing is carried on the tour. The rules define the recreational fishing sites, the order and timing gear, benefits and privileges of society. Fishermen who are members of society, united in the primary groups that are created on the production or the territorial principle. For their services are culturally and fish pond farming. In a society of hunters and fishermen, for example, a network of recreation centers, incubation shop and hatcheries for breeding fish stocks and planned stocking reserved for public waters.

Sport fishing is fishing rods of all types and kinds, spinning, walking paths, circles, plumb, etc. Never use electric shocks, poisons and explosives, firearms and air weapons, how bagreniya. Those who violate the rules of fishing and protection of fish resources, administrative penalties.

The most common athletic gear, is widely used for fishing, a fishing rod. Depending on local conditions, species of fish and nozzle change parts of its equipment and methods of application, but the scheme itself gear remains unchanged. For angling use long and short, rigid or flexible rods, thin silt thick, long or short of line, hooks in all rooms, loads of different sizes, shapes and weights, floats one or another capacity. Fishing float rod exciting, universally applicable and relatively easily mastered.

In order to catch predatory fish, in addition to rods, used spinning, track, mugs, plumb. Spinning refer to as a way to catch and tackle. The essence of this method is the excitation instinct grip of predatory fish moving in water bait. Rod, equipped with a crossing rings, fishing line with bait and coil produce throw-spinner bait at the scheduled place of the reservoir. Rotating coil and podmatyvaya her fishing line, bait forced to move in the water. By changing the slope of the top rod rolling speed and direction of movement of the bait, try to make it possible to move more resemblance to a swimming fish. A public such movements lure predatory fish catches her and gets on the hooks. Spinning is caught mainly large fish, hunt it is always interesting and fascinating.

On the go fishing as a family, and friends. In any case, you will have a sea of emotions. Breathe fresh air, admire the landscape - and get a real day off!