Need a vacation? It's time to go fishing! (Part 2)

Need a vacation? It's time to go fishing! (Part 2) "He came in June - Fishing spit!" - Advice from the people. However, this assertion argues Calendar fisherman ", based on numerous observations of amateur angling fish. According to his predictions, in the first eight days of June, the fish very well caught, the next two days, she is caught just right, then nibble some weakening, and June 11 and 12 fish caught is not very much. In the next two days the fish are biting poorly, and then four consecutive days fishing can be no walk. June 19, the fish even though it does not matter, but begins to bite, since 23 June, two days in a row bite well, and then to the end of the month is caught perfectly.

In addition to these instructions can guide and fishing folk wisdom of experienced anglers.

In the morning, very good fishing redeyes.
Early in the morning rudd caught on slowly sinking nozzle, and the day caught better on top.
In hot weather, rudd rises to the surface of water.
In early summer, rudd begins to take grain packing.
After the storm the fish are biting well.
On the fishing can not be neglected mouths of small rivers.
With the change of wind direction from north to south-west biting much better.
A successful fishing on the borders of thickets and cleanest places in the windows among algae.
At the nozzle slowly fall fish respond more actively, especially roach, perch, uklei.
When catching dace should observe complete silence.
Dace nozzle takes confidence, with the able sweeps converges almost does not happen.
Pike often stands in streams falling from the dams, rapids.
Zander loves littered with rocky places in the keys.
In the rivers of perch kept quiet places, snag wells.
Sudak better to catch on dawn.
In dry weather, ide and chub caught fly or a slow sinking bait.
After the rains, the fish caught near the bottom of a float in the wiring.
For bad weather catfish surfacing from the depths closer to the water surface.
Classes recreational fishing can be successfully combined with the foot and boating - with the journey in canoes, boats and yachts.

Regardless of the duration of fishing, it is recommended to carry a thermos with tea and food, as well as a mug, a spoon, pocket knife, matches, paper napkins, soap, toothbrush and paste, iodine, band-aid.

Summer clothes fisherman should be light, protecting from sun and rain, preferably - from light fabrics. Mandatory headgear.

In winter, good tight-fitting cotton trousers, turtleneck, a sheepskin coat. Jackets suitable for fishing on the last ice. The wind, rain and sleet good defense is a raincoat or a tent of polyethylene film. In winter, rubber boots are necessary for two or three numbers than usual. They put the insole, the foot wear wool socks over them - fur.

On the ice you can go if its thickness is not less than 5-7 see most durable ice with a bluish or greenish tinge; white, opaque, and sometimes it becomes yellow during the thaw namorozi and rain. This ice is unstable. If the snow-covered surface is clean, not sprinkled with the place, we must be careful: there may be a polynya, or scour with unstable ice. Dangerous and unmarked holes cut out, icy and snow-powdered.

It is feared frostbite. It can occur not only from exposure to cold. In damp weather, frostbite occurs at a temperature above zero. He promoted, in particular, alcohol.

In the summer of dangerous heat stroke, it comes more often in a hot windless day when the action of direct sunlight. Overheating is especially dangerous for people suffering from cardio-vascular system and obesity.

In addition to a set of angling, angler should have a special box to store gear, knife, flashlight, collapsible tent, primus camp or a "miracle oven", in the winter - ice screws. Fish caught should impose green leaves, nettles and willow branches. Contributes to its preservation and salt. Small fish is salted whole, as a major - after removing the head and viscera. Carp can survive long distance transport. It is enough to impose its wet grass. The fish can be kept in wicker baskets or in a canvas bag.

In recent years increasingly popular among anglers are the competition, the casting, lures sport, for sport fishing in summer and winter float fishing tackle.