How to feel like fishing, like a fish in water? About Fishing in the wiring.

How to feel like fishing, like a fish in water? About Fishing in the wiring. Fishing fish in the wiring is one of the most effective the methods of fishing. But there are subtleties that need to be taken into account, intending to fish in this way. For the uninformed I will explain that just to catch a float and caught in the wires - they are two completely different things and, accordingly, they should be a different approach.

What does the term "in the wiring? This is where angling is the bait that moves along with the flow. This bait attracts the fish very well accustomed to feed, collecting food, brought her own river.

One of the features of this type of fishing is that the bait has to keep in hand, and the angler himself to be very careful and keep a float, as they say, "under control".

Check in fishing in the wiring to be "lucky", it is necessary to choose the right place for fishing. It is very important bottom terrain. If you put it more precisely, in the bottom spot of fishing, if possible, should be smooth and clean. There should be a sharp increase in the side, where the float will move with the bait. On his way there should be no snags and abundant vegetation.

These places may well be parts of the river with moderate or low current, below the influx of tributary rivers, places near snags or debris around the pool. Note the word "about". I especially emphasize. [b] Approximately 1,111,113. But to a period of not bouncing your bait to snags or whirlpools.

Equipped for fishing in the wiring is a fishing rod, not having a strong "hlystovatosti", but light and flexible. The line takes a maximum diameter of 0.3 millimeters, often can be equipped with a leash, strong, but subtle, to 0,2 mm in diameter and up to five feet. If you use a leash, it is desirable that it was painted the color of algae, or even simply was dark.

The float is used spindly. At the same time he was all immersed in water, and the water protrudes only a little of the upper pin. The length of the freeboard pin typically should be 2,5-3 cm, and its color should be bright, it is desirable to contrast stripes.

Georgia needs to use a smaller pellets, and the lowest should be located no closer (but not much further!) Than two inches from the hook. He himself selected the hook with a short fore and, as far as possible, a smaller size for the intended prey, and also depending on the size of bait. The sting of the hook should be perfectly sharp, and quite a bit of stick bait. This is another difference from a simple fishing on a float.

When catching in posting fishermen almost always use bait. But let us return again to the peculiarities of site selection. If it is well chosen and the bottom flat, has no significant slope in depth, all right. Adjust gear, lure and enjoy recreation. If the path of movement of your bait and lure depth is increased, then we can lose the whole day!

This is due to the fact that larger pieces of bait, carried over, certainly to get into depth. Fish satisfied, and your bait will be held at a considerable distance from river bottom of the reservoir, and the fish did not she did not pay attention.

When catching in posting Hooking is almost always right, even if unobtrusive immersion float under water. This way you can catch судака, язя , угря, леща , roach and many other species.

In the wiring can begin to catch when the first polynyas and until the late fall, when abundant leaf fall begins. At this time the fish moves into the deep and quiet places. Fishing is, of course, but not so good, than to fall.