Why analyze their own actions? Forty bags of ideas

Why analyze their own actions? Forty bags of ideas When we start to think about this or that his own actions? When something is missed, when annoyed at their own mistakes or errors. When the action is in the past, and nothing can not be changed. You can only analyze and draw conclusions. In order not to attack again on their own rakes. This happens most often.

Few analyzes their victories and achievements, rising to the summit of success. Often when you get some rewards fate we just begin to revel in them, bask in the glory, flatter their ego and inflate the vanity. But this is also a test. Test success. It would be nice and analyze it. To understand the source, to make educated conclusions.

Why? Then, to develop further. Any analysis - a prerequisite for development. The fact that we are beginning to move away from the usual schemes, dealing with the analysis of success, brings into our lives an element of innovation. And this is a new stage in life.

Very soon, the analysis will go into the findings and synthesis of ideas. Where they appear in our heads? Their legs "grow" from past successes and failures, of the risks and experience. So, we are effective and modern. We are not resting on our laurels, do not allow ourselves to become complacent. Choosing the best options. The other side of the coin - we no longer take risks. This reassurance is also deprives us of further development, and there is dissatisfaction with himself. We clearly understand that missing the opportunity that gave us life.

It's not even in the financial income as a result of any successful enterprise. Деньги приходят как награда за труд. Но и сам процесс должен обязательно приносить удовольствие. (А если за это еще и деньги получаешь!..) Потому о финансах говорить пока не будем. Это само собой разумеющийся финал успешного воплощения идеи .

So, Two variants development.

  First - We go the beaten track, the standard scheme. Undoubtedly, in this way we have accumulated rich experience. Even if there are any surprise, we always come out of the situation with the victory. We know how out of it. We have hundreds of times to repeat these steps. And the situation is familiar, and the analysis was.

  Second - Much more interesting and exciting. It is for seekers and adventurous natures. The analysis will be conducted both before and after. And because of this development on the second way is more and creativity. Go to the second way - to abandon the road-worn, to break the framework of standards and conventions and to see new opportunities for development. This path is more difficult than the first, the usual. This path entails many risks, so the fear of new and unknown is often blocks the desire to achieve something greater.

It was at this point, the analysis of the second path, and worth thinking about new possibilities. Just imagine all the possible outcome of the case with favorable development of the situation. New markets, new activities, new name, new ...

Do I need to "litter straw", considering also the negative outcomes? Booked - armed. Even if the outcome of the case is not so magnificent, as we configured, we can still make a lot of positive, and most importantly - faith in himself and his forces, worked out an invaluable experience, which now no one can never take away from us. However, a positive attitude and firm belief in victory - half the success. Negative can play a cruel joke.

Therefore the analysis has already committed action, and when viewing some new creative ideas are always important not to lose this positive mood and extract only a positive experience, even from a complete rout. Not to despair, it would be good to understand that failure - this is a temporary phenomenon, depending only on our actions and failed to stop cursing in his own defeats all around, except myself. It all starts with ourselves - and good luck, and victory, and the successes and achievements, and losses, and losses.

That is why it is so important to remove the entire 11,111,112. negative [/url] of themselves and to assume full responsibility for any of their actions. To analyze the situation or his own position. Remove husks grievances and fears and begin, finally, to generate 40 sacks of ideas. Most fantastic. Only ours!

How? Methods hundreds. It all begins with awareness, desire and analysis. Then the teacher came into our lives, and situations are modeled on our desire, and we find ourselves in the right place at the right time.