Who is suitable for a husband's younger son? The order of birth in the family and the nature

Who is suitable for a husband's younger son? The order of birth in the family and the nature The younger the child for the whole family often remains a "little brother" to old age, especially in large families. He had got more attention than other children, because everyone else feel responsible for it. Even if the younger child is not spoiled, he always gets accustomed to expect from home care and sincere may be offended if you do not get accustomed support. And when you need to take some crucial decision, he can easily pass on the shoulders of elders.

By the time the youngest child, the parents already have sufficient experience of child rearing, so less worry for the child and they have no such pressure on him as the first child, do not require from him as their elders. On the one hand, the status of 1,111,112. Jr. [/url] provides many privileges, on the other - he was always dependent, can not physically defend their right, because he was always very small compared with other children in the family. This pushes him to the path of manipulation, and he gets his cunning and caresses. Due to the fact that he gets more affection and freedom, and demand from him less in his life and achieves less.

If the youngest child is too protector, he can withstand this trusteeship stubbornness, aggressive rebellion and rejection of authority. What the winners 1,111,114. Older children [/url] and the more the younger the child understands how much he loses in comparison with them, the more it can be even rebelliousness and antisocial behavior. Alternatively, excessive protection may make it very weak-willed, who can not take responsibility for their lives.

Due to the fact that younger children often have at least some experience of caring for others, the role of parents for them can be difficult. Not infrequently, they relegated the responsibility for children on their parents or expecting children to take responsibility for the family.

The younger the child, if he is born in 5 or more years after the siblings, acquires RPG features only child. This makes it more independent. And if he is also a favorite and welcome a child, then grows more optimistic and is making great strides.

  Paul senior and middle child and the intervals between children in the family significantly affects the order-role characteristics of the younger children.

  Younger sister sisters 11,111,115. - Usually a bright, spontaneous, fun, adventurous and sometimes even frivolous woman. She tries to outdo his older sisters all over the (marriage, children, attractiveness, wealth, ...). That they do if they find themselves, their happiness, loved his daughters. As the younger sister of sisters often are unwelcome children by sex (boys were waiting for them), their success and happiness are directly dependent on how much they are loved by parents. Otherwise, they awaited the fate of unloved, resentful, unhappy, depressed women. Once an outcast in the family, may become aggressive and destructive.

For men, they are treated with suspicion, although they flirt with them - favorite pastime. The best husband for them will be older brother sisters, the worst - the younger brother of the brothers. They are good performers on the job, which requires automatic and high quality: for example, is good secretaries, librarians. Not a leader, may have difficulty in making independent decisions.

 [b] Younger sister brothers 11,111,115. - Long-awaited child, and takes a special, preferential status in the family and usually retains a provision in a lifetime. It's an attractive, confident and optimistic woman, she was the favorite in the family. She has everything without effort, as if by itself. Often, successfully marries, she can easily win the heart of men. She has many friends among men, and finds himself among them in safety. The best couple for her to be the older brother of sisters. The worst partner may be the younger brother of the brothers, who are not used to communicate on an equal footing with women in the family. In addition, they will interfere with the fact that both are not accustomed to take responsibility for themselves, accustomed to the slave role. The younger sister of brothers - good wives and mothers, not attracted to a career.

 [b] The younger brother of brothers 11,111,115. As the younger sister of sisters, is almost always an unwanted child on the floor, and therefore its character as depends largely on whether it is a favorite son. Influences on the nature and number of older brothers, and the interval between his birth and the birth of the penultimate son in the family. If the difference between their age about 5 years or more, then his youngest son's prospects in family relationships and career, as he then turns out to be closer to the roles of their only child.

As the younger brother of brothers, he can be unpredictable, a rebel and a punk to protest against unnecessary care, criticism and control by the elders. He has a lot of friends, but problems with regard to women, because it is difficult to understand them. Best couple for him - older sister of brothers, which may become his wife and mother and be condescending to treat his actions. Poor couple - younger sister of sisters. The family all over the reins of government, including the issues of parenting, usually transmitted them to his wife. For it is more important than friends than family. It can greatly depend on friends, as a slave. May be inclined to addiction. Prefers as a profession physical labor, sports, and if there is a tendency for creativity - work in the theater, show business, etc.

The long-awaited [b]младший брат сестер
чаще всего самый избалованный ребенок . Due to its special position, he does not have to fight for love and work hard to stand out, so he is inclined to laziness. All my life I was under the tutelage of their sisters and women around him, is their favorite. The best pair he may be older sister of brothers, the worst - the younger sister. In alliance with the younger sister could safely do without children, because he requires a lot of attention to itself. If a son is born, may perceive it as a rival for the daughters is a gentle and loving father. When the failures tend to be addictive.