Why should a man a woman? Psycho "gonna"

Why should a man a woman? Psycho "gonna" Relations between men and women - the theme timid and delicate. Nevertheless, it is amenable to the study, which involved, for example, gender psychology. I'd venture to offer their own typology of women in terms of relationship to man: that she is waiting for him, why go to the contact, which comes close, finds happiness or suffering or breaks relationships. In this sense, the type of "gonna" is not only interesting but also relevant.

 Why should a man a woman? Psycho "gonna" Конечно же, образ девушки, ожидающей принца, так романтичен! Предполагается, что принц - Is the ideal perfection, which it is ready to become a decent pair. It is noteworthy that the identification signs at the same time are often external signs such as scarlet sails or white horse. And it is natural: the very image of the Prince is not important (it is enough that is ideal), it is only important as it is to know. In reality, a sign of "Prince" can be perceived his consistency (referred to sail and a horse - is also evidence of wealth).

Woman of the warehouse completely unprepared to recognize the very possibility of the existence of imperfections in the narrowing and the detection of their causes poor girl into shock. With rare exception, "gonna" can not renounce their own attitudes towards "the Prince".

Excessive requirements for a man can cause endless conflict that will lead to different consequences. Several scenarios. Consider each in turn.

1. Gap
The severance of relations occurs when "gonna" decides that a mistake, and goes to wait (sometimes - search) of this prince. In an extreme case of such an outcome would be a woman "going through men" and not finding the appropriate standards of the ideal, in despair at risk of falling into deep depression. However, this gap may occur at the initiative of recriminations or tears, put-upon men.

 Why should a man a woman? Psycho "gonna" 2. Education
As a rule, "gonna" is grown in the family, bringing up the "right girl", in which everything must be "without a hitch, without a hitch." To do so, often with the help of parental dictates. Taking advantage of the stereotype of the family, poor thing may ask to (consciously or unconsciously) to bring to perfection not fulfilled the hopes of man, gradually carried away by the role of "mother" or even "mistress of." Man then becomes a "child" or "imagines", while disagreeing with a given situation - goes.

In the banal modern transcription of such "ideal" made fun of the song:

So as not drinking and not smoking,
The flowers always gave,
All wages gave,
Mother-my mother called,
He was indifferent to football
And the company is not boring
And besides that he
And handsome he was, and clever.

3. Growing
Since the "gonna" - the infantile type, and the expectation of the Prince in children and adolescence, it is quite natural, then at a certain maturity (personality, not age) partner can help his beloved to get rid of "rose-colored glasses." Incidentally, the hero of Alexander Green, it seems, just this kind: played up to his beloved, he has all chances to have contributed to it in a more realistic view of life.

 Why should a man a woman? Psycho "gonna" 4. Victim
"Gonna" may be in the networks of fraudsters. Ironically, the illustration of this option may become a notorious Madame the widow, in a way that strangely mingled passion and reason, idealism and sobriety, dedication and mercenary spirit. On the one hand, it requires a filter, on the other - rushes to Moscow, after reading in the newspaper about the accident that occurred as Ostap Bender.

5. Tragedy
In that case, if the partner "gonna" refers to her as she is, there is a mutual idealization of the images in the space of interpersonal relationships formed an illusory world, and all that is outside it, for love does not matter. Typically, they direct the passion, making you forget about the laws and traditions of society, and as soon as something happens "is not so, there is a suspense drama. In this world classics - Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde, Siegfried and Brunnhilde, Shahsenem and Gharib, Layla and Majnun, Aucassin and Nicolette.

Current acceleration is accompanied by a gap between the physical and mental development of adolescents, where they exhibit features of infantilism, and "gonna" as a result become victims of criminals. Unfortunately, such examples are known from the judicial practice, not only from books and movies ... It is therefore very important that family education account of the right: ideal people do not exist.

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