Whose children are becoming drug addicts?

Whose children are becoming drug addicts? Tell me, is there such parents, who dream that their child has become a criminal or an alcoholic or a prostitute? Has anyone ever brings up her child, saying: "That's grown up a bit, then light up snuff, then learn to swear, well and rejuvenate some sort to the 18 already quietly begin prick." Of course not. A normal person quite different plans and hopes.

So why the drug is taken? Someone believes that the passion for drinking, etc. transmitted genetically, ie, If parents drink, then the child is already incorporated in the blood. Someone argues that the blame - a mess in the country. After thirty years ago nobody ever heard of drugs, that drug was not. And someone is sure that drug - simply weaklings who can not control himself.

You know, in our country only registered as a drug dispensaries are about 3% of the population. Imagine that 3 people out of every hundred! It is clear that it is actually much worse. And these millions of people - not all from disadvantaged families. Many have education provided by parents, many of them have families, some - their children.

And every parent, believe me, absolutely sure that his child - the best and kind, and it is unclear how he could "plunge" into a dirty, why he suddenly began to drink. For what? Why? After all, I cared for him so, so always cared, he always had everything, etc.

Here's a strange thing: the majority of parents still believe that if their child is dressed, shod, fed and learns in a decent institution - so they give him a normal upbringing. On a more caring can be said? Hence, it turns out that ideas about where to have some money to buy a newer phone, pay the session, get a ticket for a vacation.

In the course of their work, I'm very much addicted to communicate like human beings and their families, and parents. And you know what - [u] prostitutes are girls from families where no father was 1,111,115. Or he was not involved in the upbringing of children in any way (except that only the money brought). It is 100%. Almost the same with alcoholics and drug addicts. Absolutely the same scenario, only somewhere father, mother somewhere, and somewhere both parents are virtually absent.

I once went to visit a family where the child a year and five months. And the parents are excited to have started telling me that the first words "betrayed" their son, were frank mat. So look at this education, where children of a hundred times a day repeat: "Yes, you idiot! You're an ignoramus! You're a wimp and slut! " . A child becomes like that. Or my son resorted to his father asking: "Dad, help me to solve math", and hears the answer: 1,111,118. "Are you stupid or something? I have no one helped, and you yourself considered for "[/i] .

One of my friend, Catherine, a teacher in a kindergarten, told me how to come home after a hard day, no strength at all, just to get to the couch. And at home - his son Daniil, constantly pestering: "Mom, let's play. Let's read it. Mama, why is that? why then? ". And that he only "Daniel, leave me alone! Daniel, do not bother! Daniel, shut up! ". And then one day realized: "How is that? On the other care, but in his time not enough? "And, perhaps because of their specialty, I realized that this is not correct. The most important - your family.

But need is not so much: communication, involvement in a child.
As girls, they always be looking for LOVE ON THE SIDE, if not received from her father in childhood, if not sitting on his lap, if you do not feel his embrace. This is nature.
Kids will always look to the parents. And if they say: do not smoke, but smokers themselves, if I tell you to drink early and drink themselves - 100% as children start smoking and drinking.