Why tattoo zek?

Why tattoo zek? All the damned - the hopes and dreams,
Cast down, devastated strife
Before defilement honest poverty,
Prior to humiliation before the rich thief.
Squeezed the life and remove us,
Of all the human bodies squeezed.
We consume a passing attempt,
Some of them - to make money, and others - to survive.
I'm hard with you, ex-men!
But the burden of loneliness - not easier:
We have been so cruelly changed the world ...
And he is now - in retaliation - we are cripples!

B. Kolychev

The most complete collection of tattoos of the criminal world - a DS Baldaeva that collect and organize them throughout life. Now it is published.

 Why tattoo zek? He himself seems to the reader like this: "I - orphanages for children of" enemies of the people "who have not completed the formation of an artist, a veteran of World War II, in 1933 worked in the Ministry of Internal Affairs .

Actually, this publication is certainly competent in the subject of the author, came out earlier, for example, "Tattooed Stalin" - in Hungary, the prison-camp thief dictionary with tattoos - a publishing house in Moscow Province, "" Slang and Tattoos "stamped chipboard ( For Official Use Only) in the police department of the Leningrad region.

Among the specialists who study the "thieves" tattoo, there are several clichs that define their value. First, it is cryptography - and could not agree more. What are abbreviations: GOD ("I will Again loot"), Beetle ("I wish Lucky theft"), LIST ('Pointing Dogs and informers Trumbo ") - it marks a claim on the authority. And women: SWANS - I will love, even if the change, Swat? - Freedom to return, and you?; Tomsk - you're one of my heart touched ... lyrically, is not it?

But in order to "read" tattoo, you must take into account the space and the body. The same woman's head stuck on his stomach - is attributed prostitute on his chest - means the initiation of a minor prisoner. However, in contrast to ordinary speech, these tattoo marks of different levels are integrated, as it were one inside the other. In addition, they are dynamic, ie, require the presence in the environment in order to correctly understand the changing values of cryptography.

Secondly, the business card - do not seem controversial. For example, a heart pierced by a dagger - a symbol of identity thief in law, if he awarded the naive do not belong unto this circle of a person - it is waiting for death, the cat in the hat - then kradum, ie people connected his life with theft.

 Why tattoo zek? And if you look at the "body art" in terms of psychology? Share your thoughts. The criminal world - is local, and with all its different-sized homogeneous with respect to the ethical principles of society. A world of prisoners - and altogether closed. Just imagine: a convict prison closes door or gate of the camp ... He had with him - only his own body, the only one, so to say, property. And he draws it - not so much aesthetically as information.

Is it because the tradition of tattooing was common in the prisons of Russia with a very long time, at least, from the XI century? However, the peak of its popularity fell in the second half of last century. Why?

There was information age. Genetics ("whore of imperialism"), cybernetics ("pseudo-science") with the fighting and loss of life broke into the society. In an information society, the problem of socialization - the self-determination in the society, which determines the relationship with him, with its groups and members - of particular importance.

And just in terms of socialization of the tattoo, too, acquires a special meaning - it is concise information and at the same time - a psychological mask. But if the "outside" people, performing different social roles - from professional to the family - "fluid" change their images (at work - the chief, the house - a family man), mimicking the circumstances, the isolation applied to the information itself - hard defined (Adopted?) position.

Over the years, wear it "grows" to the inner essence if not shelled, the chitinous covering, and at the exit to freedom of man is very difficult to get rid of it, so - to gain the skills of entering into the broader social environment.

 Why tattoo zek? And if it is, nonetheless, wants to achieve this, then either causes new tattoo - extending the "information field samopozitsionirovaniya", or looking for local environment, which can count on loyalty. Most often, this is a religious environment - examples of this are not unique.

Without claiming to be an analogy with the modern fashion for tattoos, yet I would venture to observe that in any case it is not just a picture. As with the decision to decorate her body, and even more so - when you select "images" should be borne in mind that she will not be passive, energy-informational nature tattoos (hands, aggravated by tattoo artist) wants to show up.