Why Rostov-on-Don, called the city maniacs?

Why Rostov-on-Don, called the city maniacs? After reading another article about the murder of the child, with shocking details, involuntarily once again pondered. Why are so brutalized people? How can we explain such a surge of violence in the world?

What's going to talk about the universal scale, when a journalist my city of Rostov-on-Don and is called "Rostov - Papa maniacs." And there is no arguing against the facts - in the past 10 years, the city became a world champion on the number of serial killings.

Our once beautiful green, cheerful city now famous not only created by helicopters, combines, advances in science and sport ...

"In the Rostov region from 1987 to 1997 revealed 34 serial killers. For these indicators, we have a kind of world champions. Even before the arrest Chikatilo staff teams have exposed other sexual criminals. For example, in 1989, Bataysk, a satellite town of Rostov, was arrested a serial killer Constantine Cheremukhin. He raped and killed four girls. In Sal district of Rostov region, was detained Alexander Krasnokutskiy. This was Old women - he has forfeited the lives of two elderly women. Chikatilo killed in the region from 1979 to 1990.

 Why Rostov-on-Don, called the city maniacs? Psychiatrist Alexander Boukhanovsky this reason, and emerged convinced that the Don there is some natural anomaly. But this is absurd. Such a large number of detainees killers due to high professionalism of employees operating in Rostov police and prosecutors ... "- he adds his weighty word psychiatrist Alexander Boukhanovsky.

Number of rapists already reaches 60. Even a museum of serial killers. Followers Chikatilo not asleep, they occasionally go out hunting. His successor, Vladimir Muhankin for a short period of about a dozen people killed. Then there were the "Lifter", "Electric", "Cyclist" ... And there son Chikatilo grew up and was also convicted for the violence ...

In ordinary life freaks most ordinary people, no stand, and, unlike in appearance to the monsters. Many educated, erudite, have a family, children. The wife of Andrei Chikatilo could not believe that she had lived for many years next to the serial killer. The family was very kind and restrained. But it was she told that her husband was completely untenable as a man. What is not a reason to take revenge on all women?

Until his last days and minutes of the life of Andrei Chikatilo was calm, all hoping to humanize the court. The prosecutor asked him to sign a book Krivich and Holguin of him, "Comrade Killer", to which he readily agreed: "... thank you and all those who suffered with me, and that more were like me, these criminals or patients' .
14 February 1994 at 20.00 hours in the Novocherkassk prison, a shot rang out. The last words of the famous serial killer were: "My heart still beats."

  Why Rostov-on-Don, called the city maniacs? Andrei Chikatilo in the three months prior to execution of the German magazine Der Spiegel reported that maniac American scholars offered huge sums it would take to research. We asked a few remnants of the brain for analysis and other countries. Therefore go and persistent rumors that Chikatilo, possibly alive, that he was killed is not a traditional shot in the head ...

 What kind of heartfelt poems written Vladimir Muhankin. Not an excuse, but as a fact I want to say that Muhankin - victim of circumstances. His parents quickly dispersed. Everyone hurried to arrange their personal lives. Mom son interfered, and she threw it on the doorstep of her former husband. But he quickly returned to her son back. Stepfather made fun of a child, and everything went topsy-turvy. Increasingly, Vladimir tried to escape from her stepfather in the street. His own mother she gave her son to the colony. There, a teenager was raped. And now turned embittered man with a broken psyche. But what he wrote poetry. As he dreamed of love, happiness, justice.

Mummy darling, darling,
I am happy that I have you,
For you in the spring month of May
I am writing these poems, flowers ...
 Why Rostov-on-Don, called the city maniacs? Vladimir Muhankin not happened. Who knows, the boy would be born from another mother, and all the talent, kindness, cleanliness adult would be in the fertile soil. And so grew the avenger of all their grievances. Vladimir Muhankin gave his investigator Amurhanu Yandiev 18 notebooks talented poetry. Muhankin, unlike Chikatilo, had asked the court for mercy, not cling to life. It later admitted the interrogator himself, he was in his own pity this talented, intelligent man. But life, our harsh reality of his totally broken, ground and dumped on the roadside of life.

 Rostov investigator Amurhan Yandiev predicted that the number of rapists will grow along with the voltage in a society where living conditions and mental state of people brought to the extreme. It is explained by the fact that growing a new generation of people, a broken adjustment. And as the negative energy does not disappear, it accumulates, it appears as a volcanic eruption, menacing and merciless. He added: "Comparing the crimes of all maniacs, who were on the Don, I brought up his theory. The fact that the Rostov Region is located in the zone of collision of cyclones. And the fact that weather affects the rights - it is proven ... ". Like it or not - Rostov police believed that until Chikatilo serial crimes just is not recorded, hiding. And in other regions of the lack of maniacs, just expose them not so active.

Analysts have noticed that almost all known maniac conceived in ecologically unfavorable conditions, subjected to childhood abuse, including sexual abuse. The family Chikatilo - during the terrible famine in the Sumy region ate my brother. In Muhankina mother worked with pesticides. Family pedophile Burtseva lived near a chemical plant Kamensky. The current abundance of television episodes with sex scenes, too, can affect the psyche, prone to disorders.

 Why Rostov-on-Don, called the city maniacs? Give rest, O Lord, innocent souls ... Spring of this year is particularly rich in crimes against children across the country. Again Rostov region - raped and murdered two girls at Taganrog ... After reading about this, many come to the unanimous conclusion that the maniacs need only destroy. This will never be cured and not re-educated.

Chikatilo was one of the last conviction in respect of which was applied the death penalty. Russia joined the Council of Europe and imposed a moratorium on the death penalty. Much policy has saved the lives of many of Rostov maniacs and gave them a chance to die a natural death.

However, the rapists of particular relevance in the area. Most often, the perpetrators in the affected areas immediately descend to the rank of "roosters". Rooster in the area are usually given a feminine name, separated away from other inmates at the place near the latrine or under bunks. Roosters perform the dirtiest and humiliating work and serve for carnal pleasures.