Why should I strive to extremes?

Why should I strive to extremes? Friends, imagine a graduation at the university. Future graduates sit in the hall, enjoying the attention to himself, but on the stage educators, and for the first years of study they are joking about the students. This spring I noticed who was a hero all the skits and jokes - it turned out that Excellent , Who studied the best, and Losers , Were killed on the university. No one thought of ordinary, normal students - people tend to pay attention to what is allocated to an average background.

Even if you do not know all the classmates or colleagues, certainly you will know the name of very slim and athletic 11,111,129. girls, reminiscent of the model with the magazine ... but you can just as easily remember and how to call [b] thickest and repulsive its shape. Years later, after graduation you will remember that my classmates, who 11,111,128. broke the school record on the bar [/b] But your memory will retain the image of himself and a comrade who 11,111,128. could not catch up and once [/b] . It is harder to imagine a girl with a mean figure, or the guy who pulled up like everyone else.

But it works not only in personal relationships. Laws extremes just for business! What if I do image loudest ? You will be successful in the production of loudspeakers, headphones, fireworks, car alarms, mobile phones and heaps of other goods. How about 11,111,128. very quiet, [/b] ? New windows with soundproof, soundless car engines, cooling systems of computers, petrol saw - imagine how many people will bring you their money?

  Fastest vehicle - a characteristic that would look amazing in advertising of any modern vehicle. Buyers will want to put in your garage a monster only to have the chance to brag to friends and colleagues. A slowest ? Consider whether it is to attract ... For example, parents who buy the first car for their own child, recently received the rights? Will they be happy to ensure that a four before another young driver was not able to accelerate faster than 70 or 80 kilometers per hour? And it was with such promise on the market can get the producers of electric vehicles!

 Идеальный сервис Will undoubtedly attract a huge number of customers. Everyone wants to feel like a king, coming to your store, restaurant or beauty salon. How about 11,111,128. terrible service [/b] ? Seth Godin, one of the most famous marketers U.S., enthusiastically wrote that the cafe, where he goes more than ten years, it still continues to scream. Does that mean that it can attract customers? But in Russia, unfortunately, this treatment is not the exception but the rule ... Or, after all, have a future in a Moscow restaurant rude service? Especially if the prices will be comparable to the institutions of Arkady Novikov - because his visitors often do not meet with rudeness in real life.

If you are a business, consider how to make good the brightest or most faded, most creative or conservative, most fun or boring, defiantly cheap or prohibitively expensive!