What to scare expectant mothers?

What to scare expectant mothers? So, you подумали, посоветовались с мужем, прислушались к своим биологическим часам и твердо решили познать радости материнства . You are responsible react to their health, visited the necessary and unnecessary doctors switched to правильное питание, вспомнили о пользе физических упражнений и витаминов - Started [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/archive/0/n-1926/] to prepare for pregnancy 11,111,117. all the rules. Finally, shared "pregnant" thoughts with friends, with my mother, with relatives. Then you poured on the information about the experiences of other mommy. Yes, even inappropriately rise to the memory stories, gleaned earlier. Or scenes from movies. In the worst case - from the news. And the panic creeps into your soul. Why we love so much to scare expectant mothers? Why queue in a women's consulting necessarily hear a few horror stories on the topic of pregnancy? Not all of us have impenetrable psychological armor to escape from negative information. Alas, these horror stories penetrate the consciousness, and then - in the subconscious, giving rise to fears. The easiest way to allay these fears - look at their eyes. And reasonably interpret.

 Страшилка 1. Беременность – это ужасно! Токсикоз A huge stomach, constipation, diarrhea, insomnia, lethargy, mood swings, lack of sex (and as a consequence - a strained relationship with her husband and friend, lover), then on the list.

  The arguments of reason. Toxicosis may not happen, but if you are so lucky and you are constantly sick, you can console himself with the thought: "It's been three months, I eat only a piece of smoked sausage a day, washed down with milk, and not died of hunger. You can regard it as experience for future diet.

A huge belly - this is a view from the side. You personally, your stomach will feel "just right". Sleep uncomfortable only in the last month of pregnancy, but people poured out and on his side. In addition, by this time you will expect to see a child from day to day and it is able to convince himself: "Well, one more night and all!".

Constipation, diarrhea can be prevented proper nutrition. The idea is neither new nor original, but no less true.

Insomnia can also be used for good - to create. Embroider, read, write, draw. Just remember that the neighbors, after all, sleep, and does not master percussion instruments. And the nature of his will, and the day you perfect night's sleep for two or three hours.

Mood swings are good that you do not need to apologize for them. Looking at the battered service, you shrug his shoulders: "Hormones". And your husband, friend, lover will have nothing to beat them - you will not go against nature.

Lack of sex in the first and the last three months are required by our caring physicians, regardless of your health. It was to their will - so tied to you for nine months in bed - "to preserve". And You proceed from the disposition of his body. While you toxicity generally not up to the joys of sex, but in the last weeks before the birth you afraid of anything. Understanding man would not insist. And understanding woman will appreciate her husband's caresses alternative. True, have to forget about themselves in recent months - but you'll see that your thoughts will be occupied by no means an orgasm.

Other "Joy" every woman has their own - an aversion to smells, hemorrhoids, back pain, severe "Poking" baby, heartburn. And each approach creatively to overcome them. My girlfriend dragged with a bottle of "Red Moscow" - this was the only pleasant for her scent. Just that - and it lifted the spirits of the nose. Persistent aroma interrupting everyone else.

  Scarecrow 2. Childbirth - a long and terrible pain. And no you will not help. And do not give painkillers. And if you will, an unfortunate vkolyut. Or choose the wrong dose. Or something else ...

  The arguments of reason. And well, that will not help. Effects of anesthetics on the child has not been studied. You do not want to harm him? Yes, birth - not a holiday in the pampas. But it was not as bad as love porasskazyvat "experienced people". The best way to survive the pain (well, anywhere you from it any time!) - Is to think not about themselves and about the child. Have you got that - a lie so shouting. A baby? Not only that everything around it is not clear that somewhere must crawl and a warm, cozy and familiar world, and he gets a cold, bright light and loud screaming mother. Spare at least my child!

Well, what about the fact that you no help here too ... as luck would have it, but still in maternity wards are not working "murderers in white coats", "yes. No one will leave you to die on the table. As support can repeat: "All ends in this world." Believe me, after a couple of hours after birth, lying with an ice bubble in the stomach, you will overflow with pride: "I did it!".

  Scarecrow 3. At birth die.

  The arguments of reason. That awesome you the percentage of mortality in childbirth (something like 0.1%) derived from the cases across the country. And someone actually dies. But not from birth. And from the wrong management of pregnancy, the belief that "we do not need a doctor, take out themselves and give birth to themselves. I remember seven years I got to the hospital, meeting the one girl in the mother. Then I saw a lot of grieving relatives - a woman died in childbirth. It made a lasting impression on me and gave me fear. Only much later did I learn that the woman held the whole pregnancy, had never visited his doctor in a women's advice, decided to give birth at home without a midwife, and when something goes wrong, there was no one to help her. Hence the moral: do not be overconfident. You are not a doctor, to put a diagnosis ("All is well"), you have no drugs, tools, and you can not help themselves.

  Scarecrow 4. Pregnancy and childbirth make women fat. She will never again be beautiful and skinny.

  The arguments of reason. Would look-ka in the summer of young mothers with prams. And many of them fat? That's it! The problem of the Russian woman is that she likes to eat. And in pregnancy needs to eat. And a loving mother in law, which carries the last size 50 blouse, said: "You need to eat for two". And you eat. And instead of position 8 pounds dial 16. After the birth, 10 kg of leave, and then six remain. And then your mom: "Eat well, and the milk will disappear." And you eat, picking up another four kilos. And now, feeding the baby, you are sadly see in the balance the very excess of 10 kg. But that's not the quantity of food, but in its quality. You can eat at least every hour, but barely. This is better than three times a day to hammer the stomach "to the eyeballs." Yes, and cream tart to anything. My sister managed to get a piece of chocolate "Inspiration" is the month - a quarter of cloves per day. And yourself, your favorite, delighted, and myself, precious, do no harm. And about the milk ... It should be fasting (ie nothing at all there is) a month, so it lost. It is better to have healthy foods and drink tea, improving lactation. But, frankly, up to three months of milk is much more than a little ...

  Scarecrow 4. Feeding spoils chest.

  The arguments of reason. If you do not wear a supportive bra before and after birth, then your chest nothing could save. If you have it was originally a fourth size, then during feeding can swell up to the sixth, and after the period of breast-feeding - hopelessly obvisnut. We'll have to forget about lacy bras and bones. Only good-quality cotton fabric and special models for pregnant and lactating women will help you. And after feeding, your breasts will return to its previous state - that was before, and get started again.

  Scarecrow 5. Child - is forever. He will be with you near the end of your days. While on the other hand - who else will give you a glass of water in old age and be sponsored for the roof of the shed at the cottage?

  The arguments of reason. Look at yourself. And check that your child will treat you the way you treat your parents right now. Until three years he will be afraid to break away from your skirts, and in 16 say: "I'm an adult, leave me alone!". Remember, you deliver your baby is not for himself. Your task - to help the child enter into this world, to learn to live in it. And then he will swim himself. And in any case not kalechte his life, devoting themselves without reserve to his offspring, while stepping on the throat of their own interests and aspirations. He did not appreciate. Think about your feelings, when my mother said: "I nights because you did not sleep, all his life devoted to you, and you !..». Moreover, there is a wise idea: his duty to parents, we pay for their children. So do not expect gratitude from their children for your great feat - remember, they did not ask myself to give birth, it is decided for them, you and your husband, friend and lover. Better make sure that your children can be proud of you. You must be a person to be able to bring up the same persons - self-sufficient, self-confident and realize their potential.

  Scarecrow 6. With the advent of the child to put an end to privacy.

  The arguments of reason. "Life is not over, it just changed" - a quote someone from the great. Yes, in the first months of your life will be devoted exclusively to the child, and you will depend on his regime - to feed, walk, bathe, put to sleep, but after a couple of hours - all over again. But once you get used to it, it turns out that your baby has grown up ... The main thing - remember that this is not forever. Unreasonable cries at night will turn into a healthy sleep, wet sheet was finally cease to fill the washing machine, and the diapers disappear from the items forever. And after a year you'll wonder how you could get up 3-4 times a night to feed the ever-hungry chicks. And her personal life back to normal. And when the child goes to kindergarten - unleash your hands completely, and you will be able to return to its former state of freedom. But will it be so necessary, as it seemed?

  Scarecrow 7. The child - this is one headache.

  The arguments of reason. Against the backdrop of a sleepless night for the next sleep even sweeter. When is a cold, healthy child is dearer. You can not only be astonished baby - he is able to withdraw from a caprice, obstinacy. Yes, I want to have a quiet, calm, obedient little angel, but grow out of such spineless amoebas that can only receive the adoration of others. You want to see their child like that?

  Scarecrow 8. The child's father will not help you. For all the young father's afraid of small children.

  The arguments of reason. You really want your daddy baby blanket and washed his ass? Are you sure that he will do exactly as you see fit? Well, do not make. Anyway, it does not work, because, if people do not want to do something, he does it badly. Let earns, freeing you from worries about daily bread. In the evening you can walk with the stroller. In other words, your newly appeared Daddy help you, but, as he can handle, and not just as you want. Moreover, when kids grow up, fathers are no longer afraid of them.

  Scarecrow 9. All children are sick. All childhood diseases. Constantly.

  The arguments of reason. Terrible diseases can be avoided by making the child all rely vaccinations. And then the measles, mumps, hepatitis, tuberculosis bypass your child party. A more "minor" diseases can be avoided by quenching and long (more than a year) of breastfeeding. It is proved that the mother's milk contains substances that protect children from diseases, strengthen its immunity. Of course, without a cold you will not do, but still would like to see it was the only attack your child.