Why should a man a woman? Psycho "Darling"

Why should a man a woman? Psycho "Darling" How many can remember, abused Chekhovian heroine Darling. And for what?
For the fact that she devotes herself full first husband and then son of a former spouse. It is inherent in inexorable need to dissolve in someone else, giving a completely disinterested, all the physical and mental strength. Is it bad? Well, looking for someone ...

She is kind, responsive, caring, economically. But in the grotesque performance of their positive qualities can be incredibly annoying and boring, causing irritation of the household. With meekness brings their rudeness in his address, as against itself is insensitive, and thus may result in close to the spiritual development of the callousness and selfishness. The only thing this lady could not endure - it is solitude.

 Why should a man a woman? Psycho "Darling" Outside interests and needs of family members for her did not exist. In connection with this "sweetheart" is inadequate in the perception of situations in which they somehow fall and often unfair to other people that are outside the family.

What could be the prediction of relations with a man for "The Darling"? They can grow to several scenarios (and in order not to create a premature impression that it is impossible to coexist with it, we note that not all of them unfavorable).

1. And yet, the first model - "gimp". It is typical for situations where the partner is either not stable psyche, or his mental capacity is weaker than "half". In the first case, "Darling" to provide domestic tyrant, in the second - she had become a despot, not rebuffed micromanage.

 Why should a man a woman? Psycho "Darling" 2. "Manilovism. Abides in the ethereal dream man would be quite happy with "darling" because it will save him from having to deal with the daily routine at home and willing to listen to his reasoning, enjoying opportunities to share views of your favorite. And so that she would support them, no doubt.

3. "Staircase". Ethically immature people can easily use the "Darling" for self-expression. For example, to compensate for their own internal problems due to humiliate her (and she, by its very nature, will not interfere, even opposite - will help).

In the event that the mental capacities of women allows her to help the chosen one in intellectual work, he never acknowledges its participation, moreover, will try to ascribe it all to yourself alone. For anyone, "Darling" will always stand on the bottom step of an invisible ladder to look with admiration for a spouse who is much higher.

4. "Union". Woman "sweetheart" can be a wonderful companion spiritual development of men, possessing a strong moral maturity and mental capacity. In this case, practically guaranteed a great creative alliance in which the partner will offer izbrannice enhance self-esteem and need for development. And she would look into selflessly.

 Why should a man a woman? Psycho "Darling" Serov. Girl in the Sunlight Can you save Darling from the extremes, in which it will be flawed personality before meeting her future husband and, especially, to create a family? Yes, of course. It is only necessary in time to notice and understand the manifestations of psycho that his bearer, as she had been or was about, "internal parent" have the upper hand compared to the "inner child" and "inner adult", then, to bring it in proper condition need help unlock the jammed sublichnosti, and then all the wonderful traits of the female type manifest a harmonious, pleasing others.

But how? Talk more in this article do not have time, but at least try to hint. The child lives in a world of desires, and look there's never too late. A children's games for adults at the table - it is a good discharge for the whole family. The inner adult, in contrast to the parent, not builds up, does not understand who and what is to blame, whom, for what and how to respond. He analyzes the situation and decide what to do next. And if the family circumstances are a teenager, prone to the definition of measures of responsibility, to seek constructive options, it is just and will track the development of this adult.

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