Why should a man a woman? Psycho "myrrh" and "daughter"

Why should a man a woman? Psycho "myrrh" and "daughter" We continue the conversation about women's psycho with respect to gender relations, and now look at two of them.

Psycho "myrrh" can be formed in a woman, feeling a stop or a lack of self-realization. For example, children grew up and went into "self-sail", the husband of missing or weaker than herself, feeling chilly, career completed or performed work, tired.

Not finding in the surrounding space of the fulcrum, a woman begins a spiritual quest. Get real, I'm not against the spiritual quest, and even "for" two hands. Feature discussion psycho is increasingly isolated from the world, on the one hand (and it is sometimes useful to withdraw into himself at the time), and needs to find something that would consider themselves elected.

Desire is either unconscious, or is formulated as an internal installation "ministry." It is characteristic, and that feeling of a chosen connected not only with the initiation into some kind of teaching, movement (political, social, etc.), special corporate structure (eg, pyramidal), and involvement with that seen in him a leader who built a rank idol.

 Why should a man a woman? Psycho "myrrh" and "daughter" "Bearers" starts all unspent energy of the soul directed at promoting the ideas of the community, which has joined, to bring in his friends and to resent them in case of refusal, until the break in relations, even if it comes to family and friends. All the more carried away, can reach fanaticism.

As part of the organization for themselves intuitively builds a hierarchical structure, even if that proclaimed the equality of all members/participants. Neither requires nor contemplates favor idol is ready to serve meekly, with utmost devotion and sacrifice of all property, etc., but it is easy to declinability close contact with the leader or men of the same clan.

The saddest outcome of all may be, if "myrrh" as a result of uncritical attitude to the numerous advertisements on the esoteric, mystical and other courses, "hangs" at first he came, that even between them without making a practical choice. When frustration or exposing the leader she can start to rush, formed as a stereotype "service idol", which requires appropriate actions.

The only favorable prognosis for the mental health of such women may be the case when she was elected as the spiritual leader of the priest, faithfully performing their mission, or a worthy leader of the organization (eg, charitable fund, the society of veterans, friends of animal club) and the result was a true believer an activist-guide good purpose. In all other cases requiring special measures since persuasions recover powerless.

The name of this psycho speaks for itself. Not having a normal family home fatherhood, growing up the daughter seeks to fill this gap in the marriage. Depending on whether, consciously or not this desire, some variants of both conduct and forecasting relations.

In the first case, the girl falls in love with a man much older than himself, and he, taking care of it, promotes the formation of a beloved woman. In this case, the "daughter" has a chance to escape from the former complex, especially if the child is born, and the family - a chance for a long existence, although, of course, is not absolute.

 Why should a man a woman? Psycho "myrrh" and "daughter" When the conscious choice of "surrogate" father of the young person expects to be cared for as well as to financial provision, including the right to receive that she nedodano in childhood. But children's unrealized dream now must be translated into an adult manner (for example, instead of walking doll needed a car, etc.). However, she agreed to close their eyes to the appearance, degree of physical force partner, etc.

Such a "daughter" and the household is a child and not receiving a physical address, easy to make a boyfriend in the belief that has every right to do: after all, "Papika" other functions. But if he understood the intentions of a young girlfriend/wife, deliberately went out to meet, then trying with this, as a rule, keep its material dependence, and therefore has no interest in education or a career "daughter". It is for him serves as dolls, erotic toys.

However, psevdopapa risking much, as it becomes older (but rarely actually growing up with this), a woman usually tries to circle it around your finger, often - successfully. In any case, AMD at the Mercantile building uneven marriage - not count, and go to such a union is only under very strong and very sincere mutual love.

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