Why should a man a woman? Psycho "feminist" and "traditsionalistka"

Why should a man a woman? Psycho "feminist" and "traditsionalistka" In the course of the conversation about women's psycho relation to how they relate to men, we add a few more colorful images.

For psycho "feminists" the main characteristic is that in 1,111,112. relationship with a man [/url] her home. Manifestations of this quality, there are many, but for all their diversity, the main thrust is to ensure that the partner is used (to meet the physical needs, fulfill orders, logistical, etc.).

Priorities in the life of these women apart so that in the first place in life can be anything: business, career, hobbies, travel. They themselves decide everything, and man (permanent or temporary) is doomed to a subordinate role. And I must say that there are men who have earned it (when they are openly bought), but there are others that are losing badly, not only materially, but also, more importantly, in the sense of human dignity. Humiliation of men as being second-class written by "feminists" in the subconscious, and quality-implementers differ depending on what is in the primary priorities.

 Why should a man a woman? Psycho "feminist" and "traditsionalistka" Так, знаменитая Эллочка Людоедка из «Двенадцати стульев» Ильфа и Петрова in heavy competition with Vanderbildihoy part of the acquisition of toilets and so on. robbed her husband, an engineer, through which she lived. Mrs. Marmeladov of "Crime and Punishment" Достоевского действовала ханжеским способом, изливая страдания по поводу того, что отправила дочь на панель и изображая то униженность, то гнев. Старуха из сказки «Морозко» давила мужа властностью, не давая слова молвить. А телевидение показывает репортажи и интервью с бизнес-леди Who attend special stores, where they can rent macho.

And the more identity is " feminist "The more it grows greed and insatiable, but, unlike the heroine of" The Fisherman and the Fish ", she seems to not always remain with nothing ... Although, if we talk about spiritual harmony, then that is broken into pieces and creates an internal discomfort, the cause of which a lady can not realize.

  Gogolevskaya Oksana from the Night Before Christmas "gives a sample of steepest transfiguration of this psycho: a lost object of torture, it is capable of internal change. Capable, but not the fact that they will pursue.

For representatives of this psycho valuable, above all, public opinion. She believes that she must live like everyone else, have that be accepted in society, where it rotates and that it is valued (in Soviet times - show off deficit before the guests, with the appearance of so-called "new Russian" - have a set of symbolic of important accessories).

Relations "traditsionalistki" with a man built on that to get married, when laid, it is therefore important to call than their own feelings. Having a husband and not be divorced - also the fundamental importance of the commandment of such a woman, so she will not tolerate quarrels and scandals, saying "beats, then love", but would not be alone. But not because she was unbearably lonely, but because he is afraid to fall by the wayside representations "all, like men.

 Why should a man a woman? Psycho "feminist" and "traditsionalistka" For the position of the characteristic "traditsionalistke, often hidden intrapersonal mismatch, from which she hides behind social stereotypes. Tackle it will true love. However, as the general development of culture. One fine day you can say to himself: "Well, why do I go only to the clubs?" And make sure that the exhibitions in the conservatory too many people. However, visiting these places, bored and making himself useless. First is to find a subject of interest to visit.

"Feminist" and "traditsionalistka" - polar opposites, but both psycho replace real life phantoms, and so even told myself happy, sometimes teary.

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