"I name - Marina." As the name affects the nature and destiny of man?

"I name - Marina." As the name affects the nature and destiny of man? Marisha, Mara, Marisya, Marya, Musya, Ina - so diminutive sounds affectionately name Marina. Why do you call it so and not otherwise? It is fate? Does имя человека на его судьбу ? Psychologists, philosophers, astrologers say yes. " Name of person - the main component of his personality, perhaps even part of his soul 11,111,135. "- Sigmund Freud wrote in his essay" Totem and Taboo.

The names are usually people do not invent, and choose from already established, in accordance with the traditions of the people. Name connects people with the past and gives start to the future. "[i] The name actually directs the life of the individual from the known channel and prevents the flow of vital processes take place anywhere. But in this vein, the very personality should determine their moral content. If the name is the rhythm of life, then perhaps this rhythm, with all its certainty, prevent substance to the rhythm of the different harmonies, to the contrary
"- Wrote Florensky in" names ".

The name keeps a lot of lives and stories.

July 30 (July 17 old calendar) commemorates the Great Antioch Marina (Marguerite - the Catholic canons), who lived in Antioch (now Turkey) in the IV century. Marina was raised by a nurse, which had reported to her foundations of Christian faith.

 "I name - Marina." As the name affects the nature and destiny of man? Святая великомученица Марина Антиохийская В двенадцать лет девушка приняла крещение, а родной отец отрекся от нее, так как в то время на христиан были объявлены гонения императором Диоклетианом . The local rulers sought from Marina that she had renounced his faith. They did this by means of torture and torture: whipped rods driven into the body of nails, burned by fire, drowned in the water. According to eyewitnesses, " during the torture the earth shuddered, with hands Marina slept shackles on her head shone an unusual light, which was circling dove with a golden crown in its beak . People who were present, began to glorify the name of God, and an angry ruler ordered to behead Marina and those who believe in Christ. This brave girl was only 15 years old.

Since that time, Marina was canonized as saints and revered deliverer of bad luck and misfortunes of the wicked and lawless court verdict. Saint Marina offers healing the sick, comfort the bereaved, correction and forgiveness of living in sin.

Another prominent woman - this is Marina Macedonian Who lived in the city of Beria (Asia Minor) in the V century, canonization for particularly harsh ascetic life.

 "I name - Marina." As the name affects the nature and destiny of man? Saint Marina Macedonian
 Together with sister Kira, they left a rich father's house and settled down to live in a cave, obstructions shelter-stones and clay. On the body they wore heavy chains (iron chains, which were the Christians to subdue the flesh), and has always complied Post stringent - Take food once in 40 days. So these holy virgins lived for 40 years.

They violated his privacy only when they decided to make a trip to Jerusalem to worship the Holy Sepulchre. Second, they made a pilgrimage to the grave of Martyr Thekla Equal to the Apostles. They all died in about 450 year. Memorial Day St. Marina celebrated March 13 (February 28 old style). On this day, Marina celebrate birthday.

These two holy woman named Marina became the patroness and guardian angels All Marine, living on earth.

The very name Marina comes from the ancient name of Marin, which is translated from Latin (" Marinus ") Means "sea".

No wonder Marina is named in honor of the sea, is in it and a strong power of the incident wave, and calm the sea calm. The nature of Marina dual, changeable, inconstant as the sea.

Here is what she wrote about the name and on a Russian poet 11,111,132. Marina Tsvetaeva [/b] :

  Who is made of stone, who created from clay,
I silver and shine!
I thing - betrayal, my name - Marina,
I - fragile sea foam ...

... Through every heart, through every network
Will poke my will ...

Being itself, not to retreat from their principles of life - that was her life credo. Only a strong personality capable of becoming a poet with a capital letter. Her life, like poetry, imbued with sensuality, emotional intensity and personal experiences. Rich inner world - one of the advantages of Marina.

 "I name - Marina." As the name affects the nature and destiny of man? Marina Tsvetaeva, a poet Typically, Marina does not happen pretty conventional beauty, but always stands out among the rest of its mystery and appeal. She possesses a mysterious charm and magnetism that attracts men. Eyes - its main source of beauty, they are deep as well, and inexhaustible, as the striker out of the ground spring, even in old age, her eyes were alive and young. Her mind is open to friends and "darkness" to detractors, but she is not afraid to be misunderstood and unrecognized, her spirit is strong and she adamantly committed to its goal.

Ice and Flame - so you can describe nature of Marina. It is easy to light up a new idea, but it can quickly cool down, disappointed. Difficulties do not scare her, the cause of frustration - in the outside world. That disappointment may bring her to despair. Marina committed suicide, considering it the best solution in the current difficult situation - poverty, hunger, unemployment, loneliness.

A lonely man may even be in the family and friends, loneliness - a lack of understanding and rejection of anything. Marina has a sense of loneliness, isolation from society.

Marina has a highly developed intuition, which helps her in life to avoid many dangers. Due to the flexible mind and good intelligence, it is able to discover life every time a new way to search for new, not yet passed the way-road.
The fate of Marina's two-faced - or it goes through life quietly, or noisily flies, rapidly, leaving a bright mark on history. Marina is one of those women who are able to comprehend Meaning of Life and find their place in it. Sometimes her dignity hidden and not visible to an indifferent glance. You can walk past this beautiful flower, unyielding, even under a strong gust of wind, but you can find in the person of Marina faithful companion and devoted friend.