Who of us wants to live?

Who of us wants to live? Are amazing people who are trying to live not indifferent organisms that consume food, water, or copied, but people alive, to whom care about someone else's pain, koi are able to experience and empathize, to feel human emotions . So people will remember that when it rains they will sit at the window or the fireplace, and when the grown grandchildren, they will ask them questions like: "Why have you received (or entered), exactly as they did, although it turned out to your new ills and troubles, and you previously anticipated (or anticipated) is that? "Do not worry, more practical, youthful descendants will not understand much of the old man or old woman answered, otnesya is the vagaries of the outgoing generation.

 It is important that such people can calmly and confidently say that they have lived this long life so live it like a man, for nothing human is alien to them. And what about the others? Obviously, people are unhappy with the hardened heart, and they are doubly unhappy because they do not understand. Complete indifference to everything that does not concern them directly, too often piled difficulties, trouble develops in their common animosity toward the outside world and live within its people.

 What can say to their descendants, such men and women can teach their grandchildren? Not only what is good and bright, and more - malice and 1,111,114. indifference [/url] . It's a pity these people, especially so many of them. There is a word: empty shell. Yes, these people - empty shell, they leave this world as easily as they came. Leave, without leaving virtually nothing, and only close them will occasionally visit their grave neglected.

 Empty shell, however, have a peculiar advantage: they are indifferent and prudent, and therefore rarely reduce their own lives. More often it is easy to make people vulnerable, with keen perception. Suicide - The result of a personal drama, or hopeless, absorbing all the powers of the soul anguish, depression. Live in general can be annoying. How to eat bananas, for example.

Is it possible to avoid suicide? Of course! Just do not kill yourself! Personal drama can go through, get rid of boredom. How? Yes, even a drink to start and shut down. But - short relief.

 There is also a proven way - to figure out life. Decide in life - so to find the target. I foresee the exclamation: easy to say - to find the goal! Where did it come from? If during those years she never showed up? It is reasonable, but should understand that it is impossible to find objective, sitting days before television, with his legs, rubyas in computer games and philosophically poking in the left nostril (sorry, there may be fans, right). The aim should be to look! Search, like looking for water in the desert errant road traveler, for without it he will die. When I hear the words: "How unexpected was determined my life!" I am always happy for the man from whose lips fluttered these golden words!

 After all, before he can gain 1,111,118. 11,111,115 goal. This man has experienced a lot, changed his mind, understood. And when he found his target, this invaluable discovery really seems to be unexpected, although it is - the result of long tossing and turning of the body and thinking. Every person - its purpose is. It may be grand, has a huge significance. And maybe small, even petty in the eyes of others, but unusually heavy for a specific person. It is important that only if there is any fundamental objective can complete spiritual, and physical life.

 A man with the purpose of its existence, especially if it is achieved, will not be shaking hands to push the loop to stick in her own head, will not swallow a fatal dose of sleeping pills are not will take a leap into the abyss. I want to say to all those who, God forbid, ever wants to take their own lives: do not hurry to voluntarily leave this mortal world! If heaven so would you like - You in this matter will help! As long as the same - Reach a goal and you will have something to live for . And then you do not want to die! An example of a girl with a beautiful Russian name - Natasha illustrates this idea.

 ... I remember that was the case after the bell. Time - the doctor. Soon, all drowned in the endless string of different thoughts and events of other people. I rarely phoned, Natasha, and, finally, we stopped communicating. Still, we forget the people with whom we do not support links. These others came with other problems - the people who currently are in the field of our attention.

 Somehow I needed to go to the clinic. When I went out into the street, my mind slipped on a girl pushing a stroller in front of a child. Young Mom, too, looked at me. I instantly recognized her, despite the fact that it has changed markedly. Natasha, too, immediately recognized me. We are sincerely glad to see each other. They fell into a normal conversation between two long been looked upon each other people, consisting of questions like: "Where are you?", "How are you?", Etc.

 I wondered whether she had the opportunity to leave my daughter with someone and having received an affirmative answer, asked her to dinner. And here we sit at a table in a restaurant, drinking champagne. It turned out that three years after we parted, Natasha got married and a year later had nursed my daughter. My ex-girlfriend talked a lot about his little girl. About how her daughter to do anything as ridiculous pronounces some words, like mad funny, etc. Looking at his companion through the smoke, listening to her wordy speech, I could not help comparing Natasha he knew before, with the Natalia that are located directly opposite me.

 And now in front of me sat a very happy woman, who reminded him of the very few very young girl who periodically petulantly declared that she was "sick and tired of all! And to live - too! ". Now it broadcasts on their plans, about who will be her daughter when she grows up she will bring her. What has long been engaged in yoga, and that she was a cheerful person. With her husband loves her, but she - it.

 Surprisingly, as the man himself has changed, its outlook after his life was determined! After listening to Natasha, I realized that when her daughter grows up, the earth will become a decent and good man more. I wanted to howl: "Well done, Natasha!". Do not howl, unfortunately. We left the restaurant. After a few stuffy atmosphere of a place in the street was lovely. The spring sun bore faint his heat. A little down the street, we sat on the bench. Hops and the sun acting relaxing. I looked at Natasha: she closed her eyes and caught the person warm rays of spring sunshine.

 I then asked her whether she had made the steps to the belfry towards the abyss, if she knew that her life is like now. What will be his beloved daughter, a loving husband, plans, prospects, interesting yoga classes and a lot more new and pleasant. After a little, she firmly stated that neither of whatever jumped now! In my silly, perhaps, the question "Why?", Natasha, with commendable composure explained to me that she lives in "easy to define. That's the whole recipe. Regained goal as a husband, daughter, hobbies ...