Why should we trouble? Uncertainty, uncertainty, unpredictability ...

Why should we trouble? Uncertainty, uncertainty, unpredictability ... Anxiety - the base - a very necessary feeling ... This voltage is ideally designed to signal to us about the approach of danger, discomfort, complication of the situation.

In its normal form, this experience mobilizing defense mechanisms, provides additional energy to resolve a dangerous situation in our submission.

But I think it is interesting to us to speculate about the painful, [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/archive/0/n-10642/] excessive manifestations 1,111,117. this feeling ...

Best of all, in my view, the increased level of baseline anxiety written by Karen Horney in his "neurotic personality of our time. This book is easy to find in an Internet and download. I'll try to explain their understanding.

The man - in fact - often feel hostility towards their fellows. But for all standards of education and morals, our hostility is prohibited.

Affects of anger, anger, resentment begin to displace. The energies of these emotions are very much in the minds of these are blocked, but the charges continue to live in the unconscious ... Repression of anger generates exactly the state that is characteristic of anxiety: the feeling of helplessness, powerlessness perceived insurmountable danger threatening from the outside. Forbade himself the hostility is easily attributed to others (the mechanism of projection). The world is painted in such ... frightening tone. And people need more energy and strength "to resist" this frightening and hostile world. His - environment - and the world have struggled to control and be ready to "virtually anything" ...

And the more a person tries to be friendly, "white and fluffy" - in spite of the situation and the person - the more he gets in excess anxiety. And the easier it is agreed that the circle is full of "reptiles and bastards" ...

And yet another formula I was approached - unrealized "the place of" excitement "sour" in alarm. Imagine that you are someone very annoys, angers you, excites different - including the positive - the emotions, but you can not realize its strong emotion here and now in contact. You may be afraid to be angry with you for the valuable rights or ashamed to show him (her) his excitement, interest, or something else ...

For example: I really want to call a favorite, but I do know that "good girls should be proud" and most calls - ugh! I will endure, check the phone every five minutes, angry - angry at him, a reptile of the last (!) - And in the end easily get anxiety about its value, for example ... Or I'll start to worry about - but it's there? Is he alive?

The anxiety associated with uncertainty and ambiguity. Everyone in the background has a certain level of anxiety associated with the fact that life is unpredictable.

But even in the beginning of this article, we have agreed to pay attention to excessive anxiety, maloadekvatnuyu your "here and now. How to deal with it? Of course, in order of self-examination to ask - what can ease my anxiety? What are my election in perception, in my reactions to my behavior? Am I ready to meet new and unsettling experience of my life, or the only way to cope with anxiety for me - refusal of spontaneity and action on habitual, spent years, a fixed pattern?

Is my faith in themselves for adoption by the fact of uncertainty of life? Or in trying to avoid trouble, I'll be every day to carry out only one and the same set of choices? Which once I came to the rescue? And the consequences of which I am so well known?

Skuushno somehow ... Yes, predictably, like. But skuushno. And predictability, this is quite illusory. Life's all the same it is impossible to control ... By definition.

That's alarming. And it's still boring. You live "on the thumb. No ups and downs.

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