Why pay money to a psychologist?

Why pay money to a psychologist? If something in my heart broke, lost its rhythm, it hurts - with this much and to whom? To friends, girlfriends - well, helps ... And if you are not? If ever the same rake, the same hole?

 That's if the machine breaks down, it is distilled in service, and it is unlikely to be ashamed - to a professional contact. Mended-smart-otlakiruyut - will be as good as new. Money paid for the work, and off you go at your pleasure.

 A to dushevedu dushelyubu (ie, to 1,111,112. Psychologist 1,111,119.) Ashamed of using the handle. Here the definition of "help" immediately puts the petitioner to the position of the weak ... And the weak soul, and mind, it seems, too ... a kind of psychologist is better than you in your soul will understand (if it promises - at this point exactly lying, but still wants money for his lies to get).

Thus, it is often that apply to the psychologist = sign in their weakness. And all of us from childhood asserting, especially boys - shame to be poor! You must be strong!

And men are so complicated that psychologists mostly women ... first to admit women in their difficulties, and then another for sympathy and money to pay - this is too much!

And even if you overcome your doubts, then how to select from a huge number of offers for the man who actually facilitate, support, calm down, let you know?

The challenge ... but doable.

I have come a long way to the client. Choosing a psychologist on the recommendations of those who have worked with him and was pleased with the results. In this area - it is the safest way, if you meet in real.

She worked for several years, and - especially in the beginning - often [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/archive/0/n-21208/] lost the understanding of 1,111,119. For that money I pay. During that pass again the painful moments of childhood - and then I "stomps" quite grown-up? Or for the fact that the request for advice every time I answer: "What do you think she (feel) about this?"

Now I can say that the most important for me the result of our work - knowledge that I am, and almost any other - unique and worthy of love, respect, and are born to be happy ... Nature - a generous mother, and if life's way is something of its grants went wrong, refused or tarnished - it can try to repair ... The experience is - both positive and unsuccessful - but more positive.

Psychologist - a master who tinkers with you, pulls, varnishes, and if more accurately - the fear of you and ensures the safety of your repairs in time gives you the tools necessary and monitors the stress in the network.

But before you try to trust someone, it would be good to understand what a normal conversation differs from conversation with a psychologist.

1. Psychologist listen to you. What is hearing different from the usual conversational genre? In a simple conversation the interlocutors are often told each of his. To attract attention to themselves, of course you can, but often get the answer such that it would be better kept quiet ... I came for support and tell - his own fault (a), and even dug into the wound, posmakuyut details, details, feel ashamed ... Or will advise - do so, or lead the way ... to do, but if I was all messed up come, bring something to whom? Counsels Well, to show - only relationship with him (her) to spoil. In response, most likely, you will hear indignant: "You have misunderstood me!"

Why is this happening? Because your adviser assesses packs into its system of coordinates "good-bad", forcing you to their way of action and thought, a little delving into your personality ... Psychologist professional listens bezotsenochno. He (she) is sure in advance (a) that you are unique, and is ready to (a) take you for who you are. You can talk about their worst thoughts and deeds - in response to you may be asked to clarify, from a coordinate system in such a way you appreciate yourself, and it is likely that your opinion will change in the direction of the positive decision themselves.

2. To both listen and hear, a psychologist must be sensitive to you and to myself. Recognize the trap of the mind, internal conflicts, masks and patterns of behavior and thinking. To do this, a psychologist for many years studied, passed his personal therapy, and the entire professional life continues to improve their knowledge and skills, working under supervision of more experienced colleagues, attending workshops and seminars. So go to the next item:

3. Relying on the expertise and advanced to personal experience - is another important tool for psychologists. Diploma - a compulsory condition, we will leave it without discussion. If going to become a professional in this area - be kind to your skin feel what it is - to be a client. Understanding your fears, limitations of trust, resistance in this role will help to feel and understand his client.

What is a psychologist different from a discussion of your problems with family, friends and girlfriends, we decided. Now would be good to explain why the services of a psychologist to pay.

An hour with a psychologist, which you pay for, belongs to you. During this time 1,111,116. all the tools of a psychologist 1,111,119. at your disposal, and he works exclusively for you - delve into your content, analyze your experiences, focuses you on the nuances of your problems with you looking for a way out of the problem that you find it difficult to handle himself. Such participation, at first glance, it seems to parental support. However, the fact of working with a psychologist is very different from communicating with parents in childhood. What?

1. When my parents taught you to live, they are - mostly - kroili you in his own image and likeness, was injected guides behavior through punishment, rewards, impose their system of life origin. Psychologist far from these ideas. Tips, strong recommendations, directives - the parent arsenal of education - is radically different from the tools of a psychologist. He takes you to whatever you today is, without imposing their categories you "good-bad", with respect to your life path and to your adult part.

2. If your current problems are rooted in my childhood, a psychologist with you analyze your child-parent relationship, and will by all means to help get rid of the old taboos and fears that prevent you today to enjoy himself and life.

3. Psychologist with you is interested to develop your creative approach to its capacities and life in general, to liberate you from the shell bend habits.

4. If your childhood was not enough security and love, part psychologist can help you regain a sense of security and confidence in the fact that 1,111,118. you are loved 1,111,119. .