Why so suddenly "burned" star? Version of a psychologist on the causes of death of Anna Samokhina

Why so suddenly "burned" star? Version of a psychologist on the causes of death of Anna Samokhina It would seem, in various media has already said, to tell about the causes of unexpectedly rapid demise of one of the most sexy and bold actress of Russian cinema Anna Samokhina.

What are the reasons most often discussed? The first reason declared diet (dietician free advertising!). The second reason: the heavy shocks associated with the design of large loans to build the house, which was never built. Third - parting with third husband, hurt by ex-husbands. Another reason some people called a hard death from cancer of his mother, according to other sources, in-law.
About the diet can be said that in a short time to truly murderous could only be a diet in which there is a poison. But this venom can be emotional stress and increased 1,111,112. Anxiety 11,111,117. That can trigger a malignancy of cells of the organism, since it is always lower immunity. At the same time, people for years, decades may be monotonous, poorly, not the best food to eat, but do not develop cancer.

After two years of wedlock with Anna Samokhina last husband was a long time: 4 years. Hard to believe that her disappointment at missed her husband and resentment toward him was so great that it could cause pain that can bring to the deadly disease spectacular beauty that maddens a thousand men.

Financial problems, the fact that her deception on the part of those people whom she trusted in the construction of houses, together with the experiences of the death of a loved one (if it really was her mother and she had a lot of time to spend with her) could really affect the emotional state Health and actresses.

In our version, the main cause of fatal disease Anna Samokhina could be that she had to play on life of its kind uncharacteristic role - the role of femme fatale. Play on any stage, even a very complex and emotionally difficult role, and then carry out their normal life, be yourself - it's natural for the actor. The variety of roles gives the actor strength, enthusiasm, experience, strength, satisfaction. A when it comes in life for many years you play uncharacteristic energy, bitchiness, always be on their toes to meet the expected way, the expectations of fans around him, loved the men who yearn to see only actress in the role of female vamp - a real tragedy for artist.

So, apparently, the image femme fatale helped her cope with the initial confusion, uncertainty, and find the strength to become more independent and strong. Then she did not know how difficult it will be a lifetime burden of a strong and domineering woman vamp with a soft and kind nature. This game was a game to wear, takes a lot of energy, which she did not have enough already after 40 years.
When Anna Samokhina of great love getting married to her first husband, the husband loved her timid, hesitant, soft, feminine, kind, loving - the usual wife. Because of uncertainty, a timid nature, she at first could not get work in film and, despite the fact that the approach to external criteria, or characters in many of the major roles. Time after time she failed in the sample.

 When on the insistent advice of her fellow actor in the theater 1,111,118. director [/url] came to see her in the hostel where she lived with her husband and child, he saw before him not a bright and passionate Mercedes, who expected to see, and thin, plain, unremarkable girl with a ponytail in a simple home-gown. Anna, seeing the disappointment in the face of a man who at that moment decided its fate, mindful of past failures, he suddenly cried out desperately, that we should not look at her that she would bring pictures where she looks decent and suitable for the role. That's when it was 11,111,112. this [/i] . But as it embodied all at once, as befits a real talent.
Having played his first major film role - the role of Mercedes in the film "Prisoner of If Castle, Anna woke Samokhina real star in Role femme fatale. She has known real passion's coffin, not only on the set of roles, but in life, having fallen in love during the filming in one of the actors. After the role of Mercedes, one after another followed the role of rock cine beauties. There were youth, strength, passion, drive, and therefore lacked the strength and desire to play a role in the life femme fatale.

But this role is not suitable for her husband. She left him after 16 years together, when ceased to be timid and gentle wife, and when she wanted bright doomed passions in private life. Perhaps it was in these years она решилась продолжать свою жизнь в образе роковой женщины, в образе, который, как ей казалось, дает ей недостающую силу, уверенность, стервозность The passion ...

 At the same time, becoming a little more confident in life, it never evolved into a vamp, except in a light romantic novels to men, who desired to see her femme fatale and fatal passion. In the last two marriages, as soon as it ceased to be a strong femme fatale, and becoming a good, loving, sometimes weak, but is, this, her love of men passed, marriages disintegrated. Then again she was looking for love, but once again faced with the fact that her love only one way - fatal beauty, steep carrion .

Over the years, kind, gentle character actress with difficulty was able to withstand playing femme fatale. The constant struggle with myself, and try in my life at any cost to become a strong, steely femme fatale exhausted, drained of force, made her lonely and unhappy - that had to be carefully hidden. Perhaps only the first husband, who knew her another present, as no one understood her, and stayed because her friend, and they talked not only because they have a child together.