Who is Pecheritsa why she settled down and does nothing, in spite of feminism? Linguistic essays

Who is Pecheritsa why she settled down and does nothing, in spite of feminism? Linguistic essays Once upon a time long ago, in my pink cloudless childhood, when my grandmother instilled me the basics of economic industriousness, it was one prigovorka. That is, it was their lot, but when she wanted to encourage me to work - it kindly, and with sly eyes, saying: "Come on come on, wash the floors and dust wipe, and then settled down as Pecheritsa.

I mladosti somehow never thought about who this Pecheritsa, and then somehow got used and then the word has been forgotten. Imagine my surprise when I learned that singing Ukrainian MODE word "Pecheritsa" simply means " champignon !

However, I learned it's not immediately. Because in my Pioneer-Soviet childhood 1,111,114. mushrooms [/url] somehow not included in the daily life of the housewife. Do not they were in it and during my Komsomol Soviet youth, as well as during happy molodozhenstva and growing children. Not until mushrooms we had, would get at least something to consume, even if I stand in queues, not to the specialties.

To explore the phenomenon of the biosphere took me to the Soviet Union collapsed and Ukraine became independent and, as a consequence, so was plunged into decadence that no Grapes In February, no cheese, Roquefort or, God forbid, ketchup around the clock, nor the same mushrooms are no longer any deficit or impossible event in my modest kitchen. Mushrooms were quite Budgetary dish, as well as tasty and it is easy to prepare - and here's what I read on a beautiful upakovochke with neat fungi sacramental word "Pecheritsa. And remembered my childhood in all its details and details. That's what it means - a keyword.

In general, it has been noticed, and perhaps there are a lot of research psychologists and sociologists that people do not read the text that they think that you have read, and individual key words. Some who wish to speak in front of rushing head, time to even reply to the text before reading. Of course, if at all possible - to write a comment and we'll inhabit in that space, which consists of islands of text, surrounded by more or less dense slime comments, comments on comments, comments twigs, shrubs comments, bushes and even a tropical jungle comments. Rare bird flies at least until the middle of text, not to mention the understanding of meaning, not dropping on the road a lot of comments already in the course of his thinking. And more to the understanding of, and instead of thinking.

This can be clearly seen in the little note in my SHZH "Какие мужчины боятся феминисток? . It should be noted that the words in this virtual space have different excitatory ability. The word "feminism" (and "homeopathy", for example) belongs to the words in the highest degree of excitation - so that the center was activated in the cerebral cortex is activated so that makes it difficult to understand not only the note text, but even its title. What we see.

In the header put clear and precise question: what men are afraid of feminists? What happens in the comments, the number has exceeded 500?

Comes gentle creature and says: I like to be a doll and harem woman, and the rights of other women I do not care. But not once said, and thirty times. Did the article was asked, that like a gentle creatures and harem women? No, this question was not specified.

They come muscled macho and say that in our society, women must create comfort and focus, and not to swing right, and what must be right - he told her himself perhaps. Or not maybe. Did a little note was asked, "to whom and for what a woman something owed? No, this was not a question, particularly because the woman, as it may be painful muscular macho, do not owe him nothing.

Comes completely original too comrade and roughly says that this diver for three years does not get out of the submarine, but this time his wife gives birth to healthy children, and no feminist nobody wants. And so on and so forth. Did the article asked about everyday hazardous submariners antifeminist? No, that question did not stand a little note.

Why all this, why? From the stormy torrent? Yes, because people just 11,111,116. not read [/b] text that commented. The reflections of their work like this: see keyword - I have something to say - write their imperishable thoughts, add emoticons, buy popcorn . And away we go ...

So the main thing for resonance - is ключевое слово или понятие с большой возбуждающей способностью. В кулинарных сообществах и форумах – это майонез и плов . For use mayonnaise people verbally crucified and nailing a hot iron, and about pilaf each has its own, the only right recipe, recipes of all the other advertised "cooked meat nazhoristoy porridge," and started ...

In the children's communities is a shared dream with a child and carrying a child in a sling, not to mention 0,000,003. (Preferably in the bath or on the sheep's clothing) - is just a weapon of mass destruction, and the disputants can throw at cities and strategic targets of the perceived enemy. For the destruction of these.