Who is the harmony of man and how they become?

Who is the harmony of man and how they become? Harmonious people - one of the oldest ideas of humanity. Many call it commonplace. But how often do we encounter in life with people living in harmony with yourself and the world around you? Do you often see a man whose professional skills commensurate with the personal and human qualities, attractive and dignified appearance - the ability to be pleasant and interesting interlocutor, and social competence - the physical and mental health? As far as the image of a harmonious personal living and useful today for all of us?

It may seem that such a number of requirements for one person - it is a utopia, the appeal to the mythical, unattainable in the lives of 1,111,112. excellence [/url] . Excessive workload and just a burden. But only as long as we view them as imposed on a person from outside the society or others. But 11,111,116. harmony - it is harmony, harmony. In man it - steadiness and consistency to each other their abilities, goals and aspirations, capabilities and desires, feelings and consciousness of 11,111,117. . The body, emotions, mind, soul and spirit of harmonious human one. He was not torn by internal contradictions. He gained confidence balance and stability - internally and externally.

For some balance in man is always the case. But it can be healthy, beautiful, confident, joyful. And maybe - fragile, pathetic, ugly. When professional and social development of man is not balanced by an individual look, its own position, understanding, conviction. When expectations for privacy, overshadow the whole world. When inflated ego screams and tormented man. And even as a socially important and prominent figure, he is often barely crawling through life, literally forcing himself to live - an effort of will, and often by external stimuli - responsibility, accountability to others.

It seems that the means of implementation are not working, but only because it is not the means. Distorted minds - a bad assistant man. «Плох тот ветер, что всегда дует в одну сторону» (Р. Хайнлайн). Профессионал, достойный человек, успешная личность - Is not synonymous with a man happy. Damaging the balance causing harm to man, helping in the particulars, but destroying the integrity of existence and self-awareness itself as a capable, interesting, necessary, loved, happy.

You can entangle themselves hand and foot nets set reasoning, opinions, rules, disputes and drown in this noisy varied voices. While "Knowledge of certain principles can easily compensate ignorance of certain facts" (K. Helvetius) . You can rush to execute an infinite number of correct, good and useful, but not make the main.

We learn to make small specific goals, but we have not reached before, to combine these partial successes and achievements in the sustainable and stable reality, worthy of deep intuitive sense of self, world and life as a beautiful and amazing miracle that is particularly strong in his childhood.

  Is it naive and unwarranted child confidence of every one of us in its exclusivity, value, value? Perhaps it is not an illusion - the feeling is right, but requires the correct application and implementation? Nature created us for something greater "(Cicero). And everyone really feels that he can do more, much better that the world around chalk and not consistent with its scope.

But the real solution to this conflict - in the present, a healthy growing up - which is not in the rejection of child happiness and adhered to it a label of naivete, but in order to translate it into reality, to clothe a vague feeling and predoschuschenie in flesh and blood is bright, lively, saturated with reality.

Small смещение акцента в системе воздействия-ожиданий человека может изменить его жизнь до неузнаваемости! Если интуитивную уверенность в собственных способностях он будет воспринимать не как оправдание своим запросам, но как опору и точку отсчёта для деятельности. Не «мир мелок для меня великого», не «я выдаюсь над ним», а «я способен преобразить свой ближний мир, пространство и время по своей воле и своему выбору». Мало этого, человек всегда это и делает! Он всегда воздействует, даже если его выбор - Failure to act, always involved, even while remaining indifferent.

Man is not free in the choice - whether to take action? He is free only in the choice - what would be his participation. Trudge through life or to enjoy it. Be at odds with neighbors or co-operate. Complain or create. "I am able to bring myself to others, so that they understand and appreciate my dignity. I am able to select and find interesting and valuable for myself and the people gain their respect. Able to be happy, and not pretend to them. "

To that end, the desire. But it is also important and correct methods of work on himself and his life. A lot of problems on which attention is fixed, and "tips" for their decision not only help people, but even more shackled him. Social standards, without the achievement of which seems to be denied access to the desired one, by finding them often discover a terrible reality: a truly desirable not approached one iota!

Negative advice, installation of a series of "not to be 11,111,120. 11,111,121 loser. "Do not work, because, in fact, argue the void. "Positive", but too generic and a little help - "be sure", "be happy". All this is necessary to survive, feel, and therefore - to learn by acquiring certain skills. This can be achieved by force alone desires, decision making.

Confidence and happiness are achieved through the overcoming of his own failure, which is in any - one or another. And just so, on the way people every day begins to feel increasingly free from the power of their own weaknesses. All the more fortunate. The road to yourself and self-discovery - for the person most rewarding work. From the definition of the most important for myself - to find it.

Healthy personality requires the skeleton of their own values, beliefs, it is important enough for her. To rely on them. It's own internal goals and values that can breathe life into the generally accepted standards or reduce their significance for the individual at no. And achieving such goals will not bring a man of true satisfaction, not become a stimulus for further development, but can only disappoint! A person also needs the power of knowledge and practical skills - the ability of his personality to the movement, action. The will gives it energy and dedication. Mind of the best forwards. Emotions - the breath and pulse of its life, the ability to feel and convey emotions live without.

The path to a harmonious, each with its own: that for one person easily and naturally as breathing, for another - an impossible (yet) a problem. But one should remember that the person - a common and complex whole. And the development of all its abilities, skills, functions beneficial only when balanced. When one of his side do not absorb and do not displace other.