Who is Great Simulyantka? Hysteria - to the masses?

Who is Great Simulyantka? Hysteria - to the masses? If all is not entirely limited to 1,111,112. adequate response [/url] rights in a stressful situation - all it would be easier. But the hysteria - a favorite theme, and social psychologists. And we - the same witnesses and participants in these processes ...

Mass hysteria, a very apt definition of ankylosing spondylitis, a phenomenon in the psychology of the crowd when the crowd itself behaves much stupider than the individual. Mass hysteria is always associated with spontaneous belief, a collective mania.

She has several characteristics and manifestations, rather diverse, up to seizures, convulsions, dance, speech in foreign languages. But the most obvious manifestation - the overproduction of movements that we see in the mass panic, riot. The same thing that we see when an individual takes a hysterical reaction (when a lot of words or the feverish hand movements), may apply to the group. Especially in a panic: people are torn, crushed each other, shouting.

Very sad, but they say that the picture is not much different from what scientists see when poured boiling water on the colony of ciliates (what can you do such models and research methods at all times ...). Works most important instinct - to run away, hide from danger - instinct of self-released the relevant stress hormones.

A force of anger or enthusiasm, the crowd listened to a talented orator - it makes no sense to give examples. And, sadly, what often happens at rock concerts and pop groups? Or football fans?

A religious ecstasy! And in the XXI century, we see reports about the mass self-flagellation ... Actually, mystical ecstasy - the topic is very interesting, because he can be present in large-scale political process, the revolution, for example. And the skillful manipulation of the behavioral specialists must take into account all these features of mass psychology.

And the "epidemic" of suicides?

To explain the phenomenon of mass hysteria have tried not only to sociologists and psychologists. Chizhevsky, for example, found a pattern associated with the spots on the sun. But whatever the reason, mass hysteria are an integral manifestation of society, they are not getting smaller. A history of mass hysteria extends to primitive societies and is filled with colorful (often frightening) descriptions.

What monstrous manifestations occurred during the witch hunt! In witchcraft, recognized by entire teams, the girls, especially the young, began to behave very strangely, and, whole groups.

By the way, is no coincidence that the most vivid manifestation of mass hysteria has always been observed in the presence of two conditions: the woman in the company of women and religious retreat. A woman in the women's community - it is generally unimportant topic, unfortunately, very little information about their harems, except for allegations that the monthly cycles there are synchronized.

In the Middle Ages - hundreds of known outbreaks of mass hysteria in the monasteries. What is a certificate of snapper nuns in Germany and the Netherlands (reached, however, to the Vatican). The famous story about the meowing nuns in France (remember that a cat - limb of Satan), zamyaukala first one, she echoed the others - this is called imitative behavior, mass hysteria, and now the whole monastery turned into a big cat show. Continued to howl until the nuns were not warned that the soldiers at the gate with a whip - and - were gone, you know ... Another story of mass hysteria in a convent, which was involved herself Superior, quickly ended as soon as Dad Rome signed a decree on the termination of funding.

Bright outbreaks of hysteria and mania recently described with certainty. The main "theme" hysteria - a global catastrophe and all the rumors and fears associated with them. It is no accident rekindled an interest in Nostradamus. Yes, and we have recently witnessed a protracted history of the care of people in the cave waiting for doomsday.

Examples of a variety of forms - without number throughout the world, there is no single place on earth, the type of social organization, race or faith, which would have been the key nonsusceptibility hysteria. Representatives of all social classes, all levels of education may one day become a small part of the crowd, rushing or fulminatory, shouting "Tally-ho!", Or "puck!", Or a slogan ...