Who suffers from the Oedipus complex?

Who suffers from the Oedipus complex? This question is important for those women and men, who in his life have already been faced with the problem of exclusion can not be yourself, parents, loved ones. For some unknown reason to. Therefore suggest still remember the long tragedy of the outstanding ancient writer Sophocles' "Oedipus Rex", and indeed, the protagonist of this work - Oedipus, which is already a mature man to love ugorazdilo own mother, lest filial love, and a man, carnal, sinful.

 This story is nothing good for either of Oedipus, nor for his environment is not over: there were many tears shed, and incest severely punished by gods. Since then much water has flowed, but with the advent of the famous Sigmund Freud's myth, this was couched in the form of "complex" and contemporaries suffer from them, sometimes without knowing it, experiencing an incredible meal, exposing the suffering of their loved ones.
  Oedipus complex was identified as a phenomenon in psychology, when the baby is experiencing an unconscious attraction to the parent of the opposite sex. Not surprisingly, this desire is accompanied by jealousy on the part of the crumbs to the parent of the same sex, but in special cases, even death, unconscious desire of the parent. Most complex appears at the phallic stage of development of the kid when he discovers its dissimilarity with one of the parents. The child begins to torment her interest in the parent and otherness, with time, interestingly enough, can develop even envy.

Freud used the term "Oedipus complex" in relation to people of both sexes. Much later, a famous scientist Carl Jung to describe a similar phenomenon among girls, has introduced the concept of Electra complex - on behalf of the Greek maidens, and has a physical attraction to his own father, and therefore competing with his mother for his precious attention. By the way, I note that not all experts share the view of the existence of this phenomenon, but nevertheless the events of modern life confirm the presence of certain elements.

 Of course, the modern world is full of all sorts of inventions, and therapy has gone far ahead. However, the meaning of the concepts introduced by this are not exhausted, but just a few altered. Interestingly, the Oedipus complex affects not only young men, tied to her mother's skirt, but mature men. Important role in the formation of this complex play, and mothers themselves. Basically, it is women who are raising sons alone. And he believes that the children they owe their lives for such a heroic feat. They require their children unconditional love, loyalty, sverhpodchineniya. And insanely jealous, seeing that the care and attention the only men in their lives one day no longer goes to them. Marriage of his son while regarded as a universal catastrophe, and the daughter becomes the number one enemy.

But not just single mothers are capable of such a "sacrifice". Sometimes, even in full-fledged family Oedipus complex desires degeneration. Thus, dissatisfaction in the relationship with her husband, forcing women to reconsider their son - begin attempts to "reshape" a man's selfishness in their own way. This dependence has always entails a lack of independence boy confusion in difficult situations, the need for continued support from the mother. Among other things, these young people are subconsciously looking for in women "psychological" and the silhouette of a mother can a large part or even all his life devoted to fruitless searches.