Why parents are dissatisfied with sex of the child?

Why parents are dissatisfied with sex of the child? Standing recently in a children's store, I saw a pregnant woman, who looked at children's pink suit and crying ... I was somehow surprised. Typically, future mommy looking at clothes for their expected kids with a smile on his face, with tenderness and tears here ...

 A few days later I met this woman at the playground, where she was walking with an older child. There, we chatted a little bit. I asked her about the incident in the store, and her answer shocked me even a little bit.

 It turns out she was dying to give birth to a another girl, and an ultrasound she was told that would be a boy. And now she's angry with herself, her husband and even on the unborn child, because he (most likely) will be a boy! When asked why she did not want boy, I got a short "I do not know ..." And in this mood she walked for nearly a month. And another 1.5 months she was ahead.

I have in mind for a long time did not fit that the mother hates practically own child just because he was "wrong sex". Spoke on the subject with a friend, who works a psychologist, and she told me that quite often come to her, pregnant women with such problems.

Of course, everyone has their hopes and plans for future child's sex. But if the dreams and reality diverge, someone just a little grieve and still will rejoice born when the crumbs, and someone will treat this as a tragedy.

Why do some parents are so serious about someone who they born? There are several reasons why men and women are so concerned about this issue.

Until now, many men believe that the birth of his son - an indicator of male in the eyes of others. Someone thinks that should definitely give birth to a boy to continue the race. And if one daddy just a little upset by the fact that a daughter than a son, then another can to the finish to try to get a desired son. And his poor wife for every child born daughter may feel a sense of guilt beloved husband.

When a family already has children, parents want to have another child of the same or opposite sex. Sometimes this is because the parents already have experience in dealing with young girls or boys, and things from the older child some still remain and may be useful. Someone just loves only boys. Someone once fiddled with the boy, decides for himself that one more such times he does not overpower, and now he needs to give birth is a girl.

Sometimes even the case that the birth of a particular sex are waiting for grandparents. Some just have a granddaughter and now it is you their only hope for the emergence of "missing" grandchildren. By constantly pushing thoughts out loud about how it would be great if you have finally been born a girl, they can strongly push for parents, which could cause them a lot of unpleasant emotions, even guilt, if born to "wrong" child .