Why psychology is like a green tree?

Why psychology is like a green tree? Err who thinks: "Psychology - she and Psychology in Africa, it has no any separate directions, and therefore, any psychologist can help solve any problem." No, in fact, psychology is similar to the diamond, iridescent many such different faces, a tree with many branches, each of which yields its fruit.

What I mean?
For example, a man on the verge of divorce, he has family problems, can not get along with her mother;. Which psychologist have to go? The family. Yes, yes, and a branch of science called, respectively - family psychology.
And if the child has to learn from bad to worse, bully, Hamit teachers or teachers of one school did not get along well with each other? These problems are the responsibility of educational psychology.

Well, if the child tortured nightmares, he is afraid of everything: the darkness, dogs, strangers, death, cats, etc., if it turned out tender and obedient to the evil, aggressive, rude? Then the parents and/or other close people feel that there will be council for that child. Who to contact? For a child psychologist, although the family is also possible.

If in trouble, there was a misfortune - a disaster, accident, natural disaster, death of a loved one, the war - comes to the aid of psychology crises, rehabilitation psychology. Experts called the area will help victims to cope better with grief, stress, loss of a dear person and property.

If the person himself or someone from his family, God forbid, become disabled - lost hearing, vision, motor skills, etc. or born with disabilities - pathopsychology and special psychology comes to the rescue. Psychologists these areas will help to adapt in the society are physically healthy people integrate into society, self-esteem of such people to gain confidence in their usefulness to themselves and to society, to compensate for missing or lost power.

If a person strongly shaken nervous system, he was haunted by obsessive thoughts, he is constantly committing acts that would not want to commit (eg, a hundred times a day without washing their hands) would be good to refer to abnormal psychology or to a specialist in clinical psychology.
The specialist also in the field of legal psychology can help the investigator to conduct an interrogation, a juvenile offender will embark on the path correction, explore the psychological climate in correctional institutions.

If the director of the company feels that is no longer able to tolerate disagreement, alienation of the working group members, and if the employee is a company realizes that it is very difficult to establish contact with the chief and his colleagues, and the work falls out of the hands, come to the aid of management psychology.
Well, if a hard worker all more tired at work, tired, and then not sleeping at night, unable to cope with the work under good abilities and proper education, the specialist work psychology to help.