Why should I be optimistic?

Why should I be optimistic? "Law Paddera.
  Anything that begins well, ends badly.
Anything that begins badly, ends worse ...
(Arthur Bloch, Murphy's Law ")

Optimist nowadays is not easy! Very easy. How much easier to refer to the above law and get the hump, saying: "Well, again, everything is bad. I knew (a). Yet to be optimistic not just better, but ... more profitable. Even with the monetary point of view!

Optimist is not only thinks that everything will be better than now, at this time. This more optimistic and act appropriately! He does everything that the future was better. So what? It's the future, the optimists really get better than pessimists. Anyway, usually it turns.

And if this is really? Maybe the illusion of it all? Perhaps, it is necessary to prepare yourself for the worst, and then rejoice? When that is the worst happened. Or ...

But let us turn to scientific data.

  "The fact that optimists live better, it is quite understandable - they are much easier to look at things and all are trying to see nothing but good. However, a recent study by the Professional Business School of Duke University's Fuqua School of Business has opened and the other side of resilient people - it turns out, they are more successful in business ", - Reports Utro.ru.

By the way, to separate the optimists from the pessimists turned out quite easily. Audience of men aged about 30 years, was asked "How long do you live?". Those who said that he will live less than 20 years, were assigned to the pessimists, those who were, respectively, to the optimists. By the way, the optimists singled out another part - "sverhoptimisty, who had hoped to spend no less than 20% longer life expectancy. They were found to be approximately 5% of the total number of respondents. And you know what percentage of people who become successful in business? Guess with three times! Right, about 5%!

In addition, scientists from different countries, exploring the psychological basis of optimism, talking about the same.
  1. Optimists, on average live longer, recover more quickly after a serious illness, more self-confident and less likely to suffer mental illness.
  2. Optimists almost always happy in their marriage, they usually have more friends.
  3. They are more successful in their careers and are prone to produce creative ideas. Thinking optimist more freely, such a person is open to everything new. "Error? Maybe it's not a bug, but a system function! Well, as it adapted to ... "
  4. Optimist (again, ceteris paribus) more "takes on life," he simply more "luck". With the failure of an optimist would meet soon and start all over again.
  5. In critical situations, without optimism just can not do! The legendary Alain Bombard (crossed by boat, the Atlantic Ocean alone, not taking the no water, no food), wrote in his book: "In the ocean of people do not kill loneliness, thirst, hunger and sharks. People kill fear. Such is life - the same ocean. "Anything that does not kill you makes you stronger" - once said Nietzsche. We can say that this is simply a motto optimist.

Being a pessimist is simple. No need to work on yourself, think of how to make life better, to fight the "external circumstances", with "destiny". Suffice it to complain that "nobody understands me, and all around ... against me."

And yet.

When you wake up in the head once again, such thoughts, remember the parable about two frogs who fell into a jug of milk.