Oh, Mama, what have you done? Complexes

Oh, Mama, what have you done? Complexes Being a parent - this is great art. First, is found in a quality, and then invite the child to birth. And then you will have the opportunity to transfer their child to a holiday, their song, their own happiness.

Learn from your own children
Every parent should learn from their children. In reality, the situation is opposite. You are preaching to children. Just because the older you are the parents of their child. But what can you convey to your child than their false beliefs, anxiety and psychosis? Let's investigate.

The naturalness of each child
A child is born a blank sheet of paper. There are no records that this is bad, but it is good, it's beautiful, but it is not. In infancy, each child is natural and harmonious. It cocoa pants and not think, and what will they say about the neighbors would think about that other children or other adults. He was picking his nose, unable to walk, read, and then some can not or does in imperfection. But it is precisely in this early period of childhood kid does not think about their beauty, their shape, about clothes and about a thousand other things.

He just enjoys life. The child fully, innocent and ingenuous - watch the babies and you'll see for yourself.

A flower called "inferiority complex"
Ratings appear later, and they come from the comparison. The first who cause children to estimate the comparison, are themselves parents, then teachers, more teachers, etc. Already 3-4 years to a child begins to compare himself with other children. It's already been doing adults and a child is only imitate. "You're bad, his hands are not washed, and Julia accurate. You got a deuce, and Masha now an excellent pupil. Yura at skating, but you only drafts, and know how. " That's so imperceptibly and prepare the soil for germination of flower called "inferiority complex".

It paves the way
Until then, while the adults are not advised to compare the child, showing him that "other good and you're bad", the child will not compare. Must be someone from the adult is required to prepare this ground, fertilize it, showing the viability of other children and the failure of their own.

And fertilize this ground all and sundry, because all of their children compared with others, and others with. In fact, so education is disguised as a rejection of the parents of their children.

The manifestation of an inferiority complex
Her parents abandon the child, not taking it for what it is, comparing and evaluating it. Growing up, we abandon ourselves. This complex is manifested in anxiety, in anxiety, in fear, shyness and timidity.

Manipulation child
Every parent raising a child so that it can be controlled, manipulated. With this approach to education is lost the uniqueness of the child. She disappears, and the child never fails to know himself, his personality, his talent. That's how children become slaves of their own parents, so lost a child. But he could naturally evolve and in love. But this does not happen.

Looking child adults guide so that he likened to his appraisal that he lived all the time in fear, in doubt, a disquieting thought. There is a handicap, and disability - it is fear, fear of doing something wrong, it is self-doubt, this timidity, this embarrassment, this is a constant check: I dressed nice, well I look and what others think.